8 Things About The Burrow That The Harry Potter Movies Leave Out

Harry Potter films: love them or hate them. We prefer to love them, even if they did leave quite a bit out from the books. Realistically, it would have more than double the film times if they included everything (not that we’d have actually complained about that).

The Burrow is one of the many things in the world of Harry Potter that got a bit of a shaving before it made it into the movies. The Burrow is so full of life and energy, it makes sense that a lot was left out. Here are some facts worth knowing about the quirky home our beloved Weasleys lived in.

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8 It Felt Like Home

There aren't many places that Harry could say felt like home, but the Burrow was one of them. Actually, according to Harry, the Burrow was his second favorite place. The first one being Hogwarts, of course. Harry loved the Burrow - and it's inhabitants so much that he would have happily moved in with them. And we know that they would have been happy to have him.

The Burrow has a very lived in feeling, but in a good way. This might have been difficult for them to portray in the movies, but the Burrow is so full of love and life. It's no wonder that Harry fell in love with the place right away - it's the exact opposite of everything he's ever known.

7 The Burrow is Even Less Stable Looking

There is no doubt that if a muggle was to walk up and see the Burrow, there would be some serious questions being asked. It certainly wouldn't be passing any building codes! But believe it or not, the way the Burrow is described makes it sound even less stable than shown in the books.

Described as a house with crooked extension built upon crooked extension. One has to wonder what was holding it up. And the obvious answer is: magic. There's just no way around it. That building would never stand on it's own.

6 The Lovegoods

Would you believe that the Lovegoods lived shockingly close to the Burrow? That wasn't portrayed very well in the movie, but they were running short on time. The Burrow was located so closely to the Lovegoods home that the two families could have easily walked to visit on another.

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One can imagine Ron's temptation to visit his family when they ventured to the Lovegoods' homestead. Though he likely didn't know if any of his family were staying at the Burrow once it became compromised.

5 The Yard

The yard is both larger, and more cluttered, than one might have pictured from the movies. It's big enough to keep prying muggle eyes away – an important fact on it's own. There is a large and overgrown garden in the backyard, and a garage and chicken coop to one side.

To the other side is what the Weasley children call an orchard. But really its' a large field surrounded by trees. On the bright side, this area makes for the perfect location to practice Quidditch, since the muggles stand no chance of happening upon it.

4 The Creatures

Maybe it's because there is so much magic surrounding the Burrow (from the magic holding it up, to the magical residents themselves) but the Burrow seems to attract plenty of magical creatures. Some of them less welcome than others.

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Harry has been enlisted at least once to help the Weasley children rid the garden of gnomes. Their methods don't seem to be permanent, though they may be the most humane way to deal with them (based on how we can guess other family's may treat them). There are other critters in the garden as well, and even something living in the attic, but more on that later.

3 Kitchen

The kitchen was shown in the movies, and it more or less matched out imagination. It isn't very large, but seems to be large enough for Molly Weasley to be able to cook for her huge family. It even mostly fits the entire clan. But that isn't so much the case should they have any guests over. Whenever that happens, the family relocates to the gardens for meals. Which sounds quite lovely, actually.

The garden dinner scenes hold some of the most memorable moments from Harry's visits. Such as the time the elder brothers made the tables war with one another. Or the time the minister arrived. Or when Molly threw Harry a birthday party.

2 The Bedrooms

Normally when you hear about a large family, you assume that some of the kids share rooms. That isn't the case for the Burrow. With the exception of Fred and George, because of course they share a room - though maybe they would have gotten into less trouble had they had split rooms...oh who are we kidding! Granted, the two oldest brothers have already moved out, which likely caused some bedroom shuffling.

Ginny and Bill have bedrooms on the second floor of the house. Bill's room was likely used for guests, including himself and the other eldest brother whenever they came to visit. On the next floor up were Fred and George's bedroom, as well as Percy's. We can only imagine how much that drove Percy nuts.

The next floor up doesn't appear to have any bedrooms. Or at least none used in regular rotation. We think it has a bathroom though...we're hoping it's not the only one! Above that floor Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's bedroom takes up the entire area.

Finally, Ron's room. Ron's room is called the attic, even though there actually is an attic above his bedroom. It's the highest bedroom in the house. And Ron is clearly less than pleased about that. Perhaps because it sways ever so slightly. Or perhaps because of the resident in the actual attic.

1 The Attic

Harry Potter Ghoul In Pyjamas At The Burrow Spattergroit Weasley

The attic is home to another one of the Burrow's magical creatures. In this case, the family ghoul. He isn't actually a member of the family, but he may as well be. Especially since he refuses to leave the premises. Once again, the Weasleys are likely being incredibly kind in putting up with this strange creature.

Unfortunately, it's Ron who really pays the price for this visitor. The ghoul tends to bang around and moan at all hours of the night. Not exactly idea for a good night's rest. Or for a growing child to hear. It's certain that Ron had nightmares thanks to this.

Ron was able to put the ghoul to good use once. Or rather, he had plans to do so. He had successfully trained the ghoul to sort of act and look like him. Enough so that he'd pass for a very sick Ron, should the ministry come looking for him. But that was all before the house was compromised. It likely because less of a relevant point then.

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