Harry Potter: 10 Voldemort Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

Harry Potter is a series of books and films that is a veritable cultural juggernaut. The popularity of these books and films is something unlike anything the world has ever seen, and the Harry Potter fan base is as massive as it is enthusiastic. Harry Potter fans are legion, and they love to show their dedication to their favorite series in any possible way that they can conceive of.

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And that of course includes honoring their fave with a tattoo. Permanently devoting a swatch of your skin space to something is a pretty major sign of devotion and love, and Harry Potter fans have paid homage to pretty much every element of the series in tattoo form. And surprisingly, that even includes tattoos in honor of the biggest villain in the wizarding world, Lord Voldemort. There are tons of Lord Voldemort tattoos out there in the world, and here are 10 of the coolest.

10 Whatever You Have To Tell Yourself

It's completely understandable that this Harry Potter/Voldemort super-fan decided to get a tattoo of the Dark Lord's face alongside one of his most memorable lines in the history of the series, but obviously the classic "Only I can live forever" line is a little more ironic than Voldy or any of his fans would have wanted it to be in the end.

Statistically speaking, it seems that Voldemort actually had a shorter life than the average wizard would have, so if he had just acted like a remotely normal person instead of ripping his soul to shreds he would have gotten a better outcome than the one he actually had with his Horcruxes.

9 A Little Too Realistic

This is honestly a completely stunning tattoo. The illustration and color work is what someone would expect out of an actual painting, so the fact that a tattoo artist managed to make this into a reality on someone's flesh is exceptional. However, the visage of Lord Voldemort is a little bit too realistic for our tastes.

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It's rad that any Harry Potter fan was dedicated enough to get this massive tattoo of the franchise's greatest villain, but it's also the kind of tattoo that could scare anyone, even it's owner. Sure, it looks neat now, but no one wants to see that face staring back at them when you're alone in the dark.

8 A Dark Mark

It comes as no surprise that so many Harry Potter fans decide to get a tattoo of the dark mark in order to permanently honor the series and its place in their hearts. It's a concept in the Harry Potter world that is literally a tattoo already, so there is no artistic interpretation or adaptation necessary, and it's really cool to share a tattoo with some of the most iconic characters in the HP world.

This particular dark mark is extra cool, and has an extra Dark Lord-ish twist to it. The snake details, the green color tones, and the nod to the deathly hallows is a really nice twist on this classic image.

7 The Deathly Hallows

This tattoo is a fusion of some of the most important mythological ideas and figures in the entire wizarding world, and it's a wonderful amalgamation of Voldemort's character along with the evil vision quest that he was on for most of the Harry Potter series.

The tale of the Peverell brothers and the creation of the deathly hallows is unanimously considered to be one of the coolest parts of the Harry Potter film franchise, so incorporating it into this landscape of Voldemort's hopes and dreams was a very inspired choice, and the noseless profile of Voldemort lingering beneath it is as creepy as it is cool.

6 The Killing Curse

It's always interesting to see tattoo artists and tattoo fanatics take some artistic license with their tattoo ideas so that they can create a unique picture that always has something new to see and enjoy, but there is also something to be said for artistic simplicity too.

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And it's no surprise that most Harry Potter fans take their tattoo inspiration from the films instead of the books, because the films actually offer a visual reference for artists and fans alike, but something like this tattoo of Voldemort's hand along with the Avada Kedavra killing curse has a classic look that won't feel dated once the Harry Potter films really start to age.

5 Snake Eyes

Most of the tattoo artists on this list deserve a massive amount of credit for being able to recreate Ralph Fiennes' face for these Voldemort tattoos, because as anyone who loves to look at really good or really bad tattoos will already know, nailing someone else's physical appearance in tattoo form is really difficult and is an absolute make or break element of a tattoo. However, this tattoo is easily one of the best.

Voldemort is an incredibly creepy and unsettling dude to look at, but what makes this particular tattoo stand out from the rest is his insanely scary looking red snake eyes.

4 An Adorable Dark Lord

Doesn't this tattoo just make you wish that there was some kind of kids cartoon adaptation of baby Voldemort's life? Voldemort is typically one of the most visually repulsive and frightening characters to lay eyes on, but this tattoo makes him look downright adorable. Because tattoos are a two dimensional art form, translating concepts into something that looks cartoonish often yields very visually appealing results, but this particular tattoo adaptation of Voldemort and Nagini is downright inspired.

Voldy almost looks like a messed up Care Bear riding his majestic but adorable steed, and it's nice to see someone put such a fun spin on such a dark character.

3 If You Can See The Whites Of Their Eyes, They're Right Behind You

Looking at all of these Voldemort tattoos makes it incredibly easy to realize that, while the artwork is spectacular, he is really, really not the face that you want to have looking back at you all day, every day. He's scary to look at even when he's looking his best, but this black and white tattoo that make Voldemort's eyes look like they're nearly glow in the dark is absolutely terrifying to behold.

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It's hard to tell, but it looks like this tattoo is adorning the back of it's owner's calf. And on the off chance that this person is out there reading this article, good call. Why constantly be scaring yourself with your own tattoo, just scare other people instead.

2 This Didn't Work Out Well The First Time

Obviously tattoos are a completely personal choice, and anyone who gets a tattoo needs to be completely in love with everything about it if they're really going to get it permanently inked somewhere on there body. But with that said, did this guy not learn one of the most obvious lessons in Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone?

Even if you're Voldemort's number one fan, putting him on your head probably isn't going to end well for either of you. But on the other hand, any Harry Potter fan would undoubtedly be terrified to see the dark lord's face on someone's skull, so that's cool at least.

1 A Famous Fan

Harry Potter is one of the most successful book and film franchises in history, and it's fanbase is so massive and so enthusiastic that they are more than willing to permanently immortalize their favorite aspects of the series on their body in permanent ink. And it's pretty rad to realize that it's popularity really crosses all boundaries.

This tattoo memorializing Voldemort in his final showdown with Harry Potter is undoubtedly cool, but it's got an even cooler owner. The dude rocking this Voldemort tattoo on his calf is none other than Zayn Malik, the famed singer and former member of One Direction.

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