Harry Potter: 10 Characters Fans Wanted to Be LGBT

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

While the Harry Potter series does have two canon LGBT characters, many fans have felt like other characters would have been better choices for representation. While Dumbledore and Grindlewald were gay, this wasn’t actually revealed in the books themselves. Also, many people felt that the way their relationship was handled wasn’t that positive and that having other examples of LGBT representation was necessary. While this didn’t happen, many fans have enjoyed shipping certain couples together and creating headcanons in fandom that certain characters were queer.

Here are ten characters that fans wanted to be LGBT from the Harry Potter series.


Ginny Weasley is a rather fierce character who doesn’t get all that much time in the books. While she isn’t a main character, many fans liked her strong personality and confidence after she grew into herself. While Ginny ends up with Harry, a lot of fans felt like she would have made a great bisexual character. She’s a person who seems very secure in herself and what she thinks, and she also seemed open to dating multiple people. Having her be open to dating women as well doesn’t seem like a far stretch.


Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

One of the most common LGBT ships in the Harry Potter fandom is between Remus and Sirius. While Remus is never identified as queer and he marries Tonks, many feel like it would make sense to have him be bisexual. His close relationship with Sirius and the intensity of their reunion in Prisoner of Azkaban lead many to think they could be a couple. Plus, many fans felt that a close romantic relationship between them would be a positive and healing thing for two men that had been through a lot.

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Sirius Black Order of the Phoenix

Sirius Black is another character that many fans feel is LGBT. While interpretations in fandom vary, many people think that Sirius would make sense as a gay character. For one thing, he’s only ever really shown to have close attachments with other men such as James and Lupin. Plus, many feel like his vanity and the way he put on quite the show sometimes made sense for a character who was in the closet and hadn’t come out yet.


Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood of House Ravenclaw

Luna Lovegood is another character that many fans have put in their headcanons and fan fiction as being LGBT. She is someone who really doesn’t care what other people think about her, and she’s also open to different ways of thought that are outside the mainstream. So, while it’s not all that clear if LGBT people are accepted in wizarding society, she seems like someone who wouldn’t let this get to her either way. Luna is someone that many fans think would make for a positive representation of a female LGBT character in the series.

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Draco and Harry duel

Other than Sirius and Lupin, one of the other most popular LGBT ships in the fandom is between Draco and Harry. Many fans feel that their rivalry is perfect for the common fan fiction trope of enemies to lovers. Draco was always clearly obsessed with Harry, and some fans, and even Tom Felton, feel this obsession might have been masking a romantic attraction. While that might not be the direction that the series went, many fans have loved exploring this relationship in fiction, and it does make some sense.


While there aren’t any other confirmed queer characters in the Harry Potter universe, many fans are seeing the possibility of LGBT characters in the next generation of Potter stories. The relationship between Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy is at the core of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Many fans see these two as having the possibly of crushing on one another, and they see some parallels between the Draco/Harry pairing. These two characters are quite young, and many fans would like to see positive, age-appropriate representation with these two.


As the other half of the Scorpius/Albus Severus ship, many people also have Scorpius as an LGBT character in their fan fiction. Many people have pointed out that there is a lot of subtext, a common way to hint at gay relationships without making them canon, between their relationship. These two seem like they might have a budding romance, and many wish that this would be confirmed.

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While some of the most popular LGBT ships in Harry Potter fandom are between two men, there are many female characters that fans think should be LGBT, too. Professor McGonagall is one of these characters. While she is said to have had a past relationship with a man, this doesn’t mean she couldn’t be bisexual or queer. She would definitely make a positive role model of an older LGBT woman.


Harry Potter Tonks

If there’s one character that many fans agree makes sense as a lesbian or other LGBT identity, it’s Nymphadora Tonks. First of all, Tonks is just a really cool character. She’s young and hip and engaging. Her bright hair and way of expressing herself read as queer to many people who belong to that community. Many felt her relationship with Lupin didn’t make sense and dulled her personality more than anything else. Many speculate this could be because she’d be happier with a woman than a man.


Harry Potter theatrical poster

While Harry Potter is only shown to be straight in the series, and he only dates women, many people wish that he was bisexual. First of all, he does have some close relationships with men, and some see that these could be more than friendships. Also, many like to ship him with Draco Malfoy because of the chemistry and obsessive energy they have towards one another. While it's unlikely that Rowling will ever make Harry and LGBT character, fans can still enjoy their own interpretations.

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