Harrison Ford Talks Indiana Jones 5

Uh oh.

Harrison Ford spoke with the LA Times today revealing that George Lucas is thinking up a story for the next installment to the Indiana Jones franchise. Harrison says:

"It's crazy but great"

Well I for one, think the opposite.

It's not crazy because Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made a ton of money. George Lucas likes said money and likes continuing his two biggest franchises (even if they are getting worse by doing so).

It's also not great because Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the worst of the four movies in the series, and I can't imagine another one being much better then the last. Look at where we were left off - with a marriage, a kid called "Mutt", and aliens... the more I repeat that and think that this is Indiana Jones and all of that actually happened... I want to hit my head on the desk. It wasn't an awful movie by any means, but I didn't think it was great either.

On the bright side, Harrison Ford said that he is against doing an animated Indiana Jones.

"I'd hate to see it reduced in any way from the movies that we have done and the way we have done them."

The key word being "reduced." I wish he said this before The Clone Wars came out. That being said, the fact that that was animated was the least of its problems.

As much as I love the original Indy trilogy, I don't think George currently has the right target audience in mind. We all saw what happened with the Star Wars prequels and then, even unimaginably worse, with The Clone Wars. It seems there's not been much credit given to what once was and why it was so successful for all age groups in the past. There's a reason everyone loves the original Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies and why its not the same with the newer versions.

Why can't we get the quality of old? It seems they're just running through the motions now that they have a massive brand name and audience. As long as it's called Indiana Jones starring Harrison Ford, here comes a half-billion dollar paycheck.

In a previous Screen Rant article, Jamie posed a question about the possibility of an Indiana Jones 5. In it, he brings up the point that money does talk. A lot of people thought upon hearing of the fourth installment, that it would be the final sendoff of the character. But no, if the character is alive, and the movies bring in a fortune then of course there will be a sequel. He also brings up the important point that even if a movie is hated, it can still make tons (i.e. Spider-Man 3, The Da Vinci Code, Pirates of the Carribean 3). Oh and look, ALL of those movies have prequels/sequels coming out.

It's too bad these big movies are about quantity over quality. An Indy 5 would no doubt make a huge profit. I predict however, that it will make less than the previous simply because there are many disappointed fans out there now.

We have absolutely no information on story, cast or anything and I'm already a little worried. I would love to see the franchise end on a high note and return to its roots in terms of style. How about you?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on DVD and Blu-ray hits shelves on October 14th. And if you were one of the few souls who enjoyed it, don't miss our Indiana Jones 4 Special Edition DVD Giveaway!

Source: Los Angeles Times

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