Harrison Ford Talks Indy 5

When Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released back in 2008 it was met by some disappointment but a massive $786 million worldwide gross. In Hollywood that only means one thing – a sequel, and there have been rumblings of a fifth Indiana Jones adventure since Skull was released. Now, Harrison Ford has spoken again about the film whilst promoting his new movie Extreme Measures (formerly Crowley).

When talking to MTV Ford gave little away, but again made it clear that he was still interested in a new Indy film – if the script interests him. Ford said:

"George is working on an idea, and if it comes to a fruitful stage, all of us are very interested in making another."

Ford went on to talk about the direction that he would like his character to take in a new film.

"I think it would be interesting to advance the understanding of the character, as we always have had that ambition throughout the series. I think it would be interesting to deepen the relationship between he and his son and play on that relationship. ... It's full of opportunity. The series is full of opportunity."

The former Han solo implies that everyone in the Jones family will return – if a fifth adventure makes it to screens – including his new bride:

"Karen's a wonderful actress, I've always enjoyed working with her. I'm hoping that there'll be a part for all of us in the next one."

indiana jones goes to bermuda?

It looks like Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are still very interested in making a new Indiana Jones film. I’d like to think that the interest isn’t financially motivated,and that they like working together. I quite liked Crystal Skull, and while it isn’t the best film in the Indy series it does (in my opinion) improve with age. Having said that, I feel that the major flaw with the film is Janusz Kaminski’s terrible cinematography!

I’m up for an Indiana Jones 5, but I’d still like to see Kevin Costner as his evil illegitimate, younger brother, a rumor that circulated almost 20 years ago, but I’m guessing that the archaeologist cannot find another long lost family member in the next film.

More on Indiana Jones 5 when we get it.

Source: MTV

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