Harrison Ford Hospitalized Following Plane Crash; In Stable Condition

Harrison Ford involved in plane crash

During principal photography on Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year, franchise legend Harrison Ford broke his leg on the set, which postponed filming for a period of time. Today, the actor unfortunately suffered a much more serious accident, as a vintage World War II plane he was flying crash landed on a California golf course. Ford sustained cuts to his head and was transported to a local hospital to receive treatment, where it was said he was in fair to moderate condition.

An aviation enthusiast, Ford has been involved in a plane crash before. In 1999, a Bell chopper he was flying with another aviation professional went down while the duo was practicing power recovery autorotations. However, that incident was merely a "hard landing" in Ford's words and neither pilot was injured.

TMZ obtained audio of Ford talking to Santa Monica air control shortly after he had taken off. The actor reported engine failure on his plane and requested for an emergency return to the airport. At this time, it is unknown exactly what was wrong with the engine to cause it to malfunction. Ford was the only person in the plane and no one else was said to be injured.

When the story originally broke, the Los Angeles fire department said that Ford was in critical condition, and later the Santa Monica fire department stated that the actor was "breathing and conscious" and his condition was "fair to moderate." Luckily, it seems to be the latter, as Ford's son Ben tweeted the following update after visiting his father in the hospital:

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