Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find women of Doctor Who; Italian Renaissance Ninja Painters; episode 5 of SIFL AND OLLY’s Video Game Reviews; a teaser for Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back; and Harrison Ford getting upset and walking off the set of Jimmy Kimmel. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

If you have any Geek Picks of your own, please send them to srgeekpicks(at)gmail(dot)com and you may be featured on a future post!

To kick things off today Punkys had 11 Horribly Low Budget Cosplay Outfits.

FunnyOrDie has a Steve Jobs parody called iSteve.

Jeffrey Veregge has some cool geek art.

Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back Teaser

PUNCH IT: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut trailer we’ve all been waiting for.

Star Wars Uncut is a crazy fan mashup remake of the original Star Wars movies. The saga continues with over 1500 participants re-imagining the classic Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. This teaser is full of awesome Empire Uncut scenes from far and wide, ready for your previewing pleasure. We are continuously blown away by the creativity and craft we’ve seen from every user – now it’s time to spread the word to the rest of the galaxy!

You can still claim a scene to remake until May 1. Get excited for new viewing options to watch completed scenes coming soon…


Harrison Ford Won’t Answer Star Wars Questions

WOMEN OF DOCTOR WHO w/ Jane Espenson – Just Cos Gallifrey One 2013

Chloe Dykstra sat down with writer/producer Jane Espenson (Battlestar Galactica & Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and other fans at Gallifrey One to discuss the Women of Doctor Who, and the evolving role of women in science fiction.

Comic Book and Superhero Movie Mashups by Butcher Billy

The Best Movie Lists : Best TV Shows on Air Now

Get Tom Fonss’ Best Movie List for what TV shows you should be watching now. From ZOMBIES to DRAGONS to UNDERCOVER SPIES these are the shows you should be DVR-ing, TiVo-ing, and Streaming now!


NEXT PAGE: Woody Allen’s ‘Iron Man’…


ELIJAH WOOD: Doctor Who, Cologne or Rock Band? – The Nerdist on BBC America

Guests Elijah Wood and Ben Schwartz play a Nerdist favorite game: Doctor Who Creature, Men’s Cologne, or Icelandic Rock Band with host Chris Hardwick.

Italian Renaissance Ninja Painters

Italian Renaissance Ninja Painters Imgur 570x539 SR Geek Picks: Harrison Ford Wont Talk Star Wars, Best TV Shows Now & More

Iron Man Directed By Woody Allen – Wrong Director

Iron Man 3: A film by Woody Allen.

The Internet: A Warning From History

The internet was one of the greatest disasters to befall mankind. Now its survivors share their experiences of the tragedy.

SIFL AND OLLY Video Game Reviews – PIRATES OF AREA 52 – Episode 5

Sifl and Olly go for a road trip to Beat Skull Games Inc. in Area 52 (across the street from Area 51). They use Chester as a guinea pig to demo a new virtual reality room that the game company is developing. Meanwhile, Sifl helps some aliens that are also developing a new technology…

The Lineup – Date Night

Ooh la la, Kevint brings a lady friend (Abbi Jacobson from Broad City) around to the Lineup room! Is it true love or will they let a little eyeball-eating come between them?

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

Today’s picks have been brought to you by: nbcParksandRec, RedditThe Poke, Punkys, FunnyOrDiestarwarsAboveAverageNetworkNerdistCineFixJeffrey VereggeNerdist and Imgur.

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