Harper's Island: Interesting Concept, But Will It Work?

You get a wedding invite and decide to go and partake in the festivities and food. What could go wrong?

Bad question, especially if you're going to Harper's Island.

Jon Turtletaub (Jericho) is behind the project and that gives it a bit of hope. I've seen the first episode and I didn't go "bleh!" It was put together well and had fantastic amount of eye candy. It kept me curious.

The pitch for the show is "Harper's Island: 13 Weeks. 25 Suspects. 1 Killer."

There is a youthful air to the cast: Elaine Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, Katie Cassidy (The first Ruby from Supernatual), Cameron Richardson and C.J. Thomason just to name a few. I was pleasantly surprised to see Harry Hamlin, Richard Burgi and Jim Beaver (Bobby from Supernatural) in it also.

As it goes, in each of the 13 weeks someone croaks is murdered by someone else's hand. It's a murder mystery set to keep you guessing! I am looking forward to it and maybe we can get some debate going on who we think did it.

I'm taking the first punch at it and saying the butler did it! Come on. He takes everyone's crap. It must be building to the point of going postal. I really have no clue, but I figured someone was going to say that. It might as well be me.

They also have an interactive site called Harper's Globe. Harper's Globe has videos, photos and blogs that are setup on a social network where you can chat with the hapless victims characters and partake in the story.  CBS has also set up some guessing games on the website for the show.

Harper's Island premieres Thursday, April 9th, 10/9c on CBS.

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