Animated 'Harold & Kumar' Series In The Works

John Cho and Kal Penn in Harold & Kumar


After a yuletide trip into the third dimension with A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, the titular duo may be taking a step back into the realm of 2D with their very own Harold & Kumar animated series.

Word is that Lionsgate TV is shopping the proposed program around to several cable networks, in the hopes that one will find the notion of more Harold & Kumar appealing enough to bite. Reportedly, Lionsgate is eyeing MTV and Comedy Central as prime locations for the planned series.

As the notion is very much in its infancy, there are scant details regarding the animated adventures of Harold & Kumar. Those that have seen the advertisements, or already ventured to the theater to check out A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas know that the boys dabble a bit in some Rankin/Bass-style stop-motion animated fun. While it’s unlikely that form of animation will be used to bring the animated series to life, it does serve as a precursor to what the show may be like.

Given the unexpected longevity of Harold & Kumar, and how their adventures seem to translate well enough to a myriad of settings like, in search of White Castle, escaping from Guantanamo Bay, and now the holiday season – it stands to reason that a television program, unfettered by the restraints of live action, might translate quite well with the right audience.

Furthermore, as John Cho (Harold) and Kal Penn (Kumar) both have plenty to do outside of the H&K franchise – with Penn prepping his United Nations comedy for NBC, while Cho reprises his role as Sulu in the upcoming Star Trek sequel, as well as appearances in Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake and the upcoming American Reunion – simply lending their voices to the characters would ensure the feasibility of the project.

Beavis and Butt-Head MTV

Making the concept even more appealing is the news that creators John Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg will join the series as lead writers, while producing alongside Penn and Cho.

With MTV recently relaunching its animated series Beavis & Butt-Head, it’s no wonder Lionsgate and the H&K crew has been gauging the network’s interest. Even though MTV might draw the largest potential audience, the one major drawback of that level of television exposure might be a higher level of restriction in terms of content.

Though MTV has never shied away from explicit, or drug-filled programming before, the choice to push boundaries with Skins resulted in a mass exodus of advertisers and the ultimate demise of the racy show. While there is no indication that Harold & Kumar would enter Skins territory, some of the more prevalent themes that comprise the buddy franchise may prompt a similar reaction.

Then again, Harold & Kumar may be right at home on MTV’s sister network, Comedy Central – as a potential companion to, or replacement for the long-running South Park.


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Source: Deadline

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