'Harold & Kumar 3' Plot Details Revealed

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas script review reveals plot details

The last we heard about Harold & Kumar 3, the creators of the series jumped ship to do American Pie 4. But that certainly didn't leave Harold & Kumar dead in the water, as newcomer Todd Strauss Schulson has stepped in to direct the pair's latest adventure.

If you've been curious as to what sort of a plot A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas might have, then you will be interested to know that Vulture recently got a chance to read the Harold & Kumar 3 script and they've given a short review of it, revealing some plot details in the process.

[Warning: The following contains MILD SPOILERS so beware as you read on]


The 119-page script by series creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg catches up with the titular weed-smoking "heroes" when they're in their 30s. One of them has made a respectable life for himself, while the other is in the same state of life as before. Oh, and neither of them are on speaking terms, for whatever reason.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Harold (John Cho) is now drug-free and married, a Wall Street executive who lives in a big fancy house. Kumar (Kal Penn), on the other hand, is single, still lives in "the man cave" and has recently had his medical license suspended for, wait for it... smoking weed (who'd have guessed it? :P ).

The reason the duo get reunited after such a long time is a package is delivered to Kumar's apartment that's intended for Harold. Kumar takes it to Harold's house and whilst there - in some sort of drug-related mishap - burns down a tree that was specifically grown by Harold's father-in-law, leading the two to head out in search of a replacement. Let the mayhem ensue!

And ensue it does: you can expect the same sort of stitched together story filled with the all-important crass jokes about sex and drugs that basically made up the first two movies (not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you). The plot includes such strange things as "waffle-making robots" and a drug-taking infant "who makes the baby from 'The Hangover' look like a huge prude" (what the hell?).

Vulture also confirms the rumor that Neil Patrick Harris will be returning despite [SPOILER!] being gunned down in Harold & Kumar 2 (although, those of you who have seen the uncut version know that he survives at the end of the credits).

Neil Patrick Harris Confirmed for Harold and Kumar 3

What's interesting (and perhaps rather annoying) is that supposedly New Line is considering shooting Harold & Kumar 3 in 3D (another one bites the dust...). While that may sound ridiculous at first, Vulture's script review reveals a five-minute claymation sequence that sounds ripe for the 3D treatment. But apart from one sequence, why do we need to see a comedy like this in 3D? I mean, really?

I suppose the actual story for Harold & Kumar 3 isn't all that important, but what they have come up with sounds good enough to me. Whether the movie is any good or not comes down to the jokes - hopefully they're as funny as the best of those found in the first two.

What do you think of the plot details revealed for Harold & Kumar 3? Do you like the idea of it being in 3D?

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas has no release date set yet but a summer shooting start date is being eyed.

Source: Vulture (header image courtesy of New Line via Vulture)

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