Yeah, this is the outfit everyone knows at this point, but there is still no denying it is quite a deviation from what we had seen previously from Harley Quinn. When the Suicide Squad movie was first announced a number of fans were holding out hope

that Harley's cinematic debut would showcase her classic jester's outfit. Fans of the New 52's Suicide Squad comics were probably expecting her more modern outfit, but instead we got something totally new to all fans.

Harley had the colored pigtails of her modern comic look, but her face paint was also much more minimalist. Harley's new style surprised people, with her now sporting tattoos scattered across her body, and her infamous shirt declaring she was "daddy's lil monster." Many were critical of the change, feeling it played up Harley's sex appeal and edginess at the expense of what made the character popular in the first place.

Her jester's outfit did make a couple appearances however - she pulls it out of her trunk in the "gearing up" scene near the start of the movie, and she also wears it in a brief dream sequence where she dancers with Joker.


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