Every DC Character Confirmed For Harley Quinn's TV Show

Harley Quinn DC Universe Batman and Harley

How many DC Comics' characters will be appearing in the Harley Quinn animated series? Based on the first trailer, which premiered at San Diego Comic Con 2019, there will be quite a lot of them and not all of them will be from the underworld of Gotham City. Indeed, the show's ensemble includes quite a few notable heroes.

For being the first original animated series produced for the DC Universe streaming service, not much has been said about the story of Harley Quinn. It was believed that the show was going to he heavily inspired by the New 52 Harley Quinn comics and suggested that The Joker and Harley would not be romantically involved. The new trailer seems to confirm this, with Harley clearly having an antagonistic relationship with The Clown Prince of Crime and Harley's most recent origin story, where she was exposed to the same chemicals that created The Joker, being depicted.

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A synopsis for the show claimed that the new series would focus on Harley as she attempts to free herself from Joker's influence while proving that she can be an even better supervillain. Of course, Harley, being Harley, will wind up fighting with her fellow villains because of her own unique moral code. Here's the rundown of every DC Comics character that can be seen in the trailer and what we know about their characters in the show and the voice actors that are playing them.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn DC Universe show

Voiced by Kaley Cuoco (Penny on The Big Bang Theory), Dr. Harleen Quinzel was once a respected psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. Then she violated every professional standard possible by falling in love with one of her patients and pursuing a relationship with him. The fact that this patient was the mass-murder known as The Joker didn't help matters, and Harleen became just as crazy as him as Harley Quinn.

The Joker

The Joker Harley Queen DC Universe

The Caliph of Clowns and Mogul of Mountebanks, The Joker is the scourge of Gotham City's underworld. He's also in Harley's crosshairs as she's done being a sidekick and determined to prove that can be a supervillain on her own. He is voiced by Alan Tudyk, most recently seen as Mr. Nobody in Doom Patrolbut still beloved for playing the role of Wash on Firefly.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Harley Quinn DC Universe

Harley's best friend and fellow Arkham Asylum escapee, Dr. Pamela Isley (aka the plant-controlling Poison Ivy) normally prefers plants to people. For some reason, however, she has a soft spot for Harley and tries to reign in some of her more manic excesses,while still supporting her newfound efforts to free herself from Joker's influence She is voiced by writer/director Lake Bell, who is also an accomplished voice actress, most recently heard as Vanessa Fisk in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

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The Rogues' Gallery - Crowd Shot One

Harley Quinn DC Villains DC Universe Penguin Scarecrow Reverse Flash Man-Bat Metallo Riddler Black Manta

Part of Harley's efforts to establish herself will reportedly involve trying to earn entry into The Legion of Doom. Several members of the classic Legion of Doom from the Superfriends cartoon can be seen in this quick shot from the trailer, which also shows several of Harley's fellow Gotham City villains. From left to right, we see The Penguin, The Scarecrow, The Riddler, Superman villain Metallo, Black Manta, The Reverse Flash and what appears to be the right-arm of Man-Bat.


Harley Quinn DC Universe Aquaman Hi-Fives A Dolphin

Eschewing the tattoos and beard of Jason Momoa, Harley Quinn offers a more classic take on Aquaman, though he does have longer hair of the modern incarnation. From what we see in the trailer, he seems to be cast in the same mold as the Batman: The Brave and the Bold version of the King of the Seven Seas - a boisterous bruiser who doesn't have an indoor voice, given to hearty high-fives and laughing freely. The final scene of the trailer, however, suggests he won't be laughing after an encounter with Harley.

Sy Borgman and Doctor Psycho

Harley Quinn DC Universe Cy Borg and Doctor Psycho

Sy Borgman was once a government agent whose body was enhanced with state of the art robotic limbs. That was a long time ago, however, and it's a race to see what falls apart first - Sy's antiquated hardware or Sy himself. Still, the retired superhero (who once answered to the name of Sy-Borg) befriend Harley Quinn in the comics and it seems he'll be doing the same in the show. Sy will be voiced by Jason Alexander, best known as George from Seinfeld.

A frequent foe of Wonder Woman, Doctor Psycho is one of the most versatile psychics in the DC Universe. A violent misogynist in the comics, this trait seems to have been curtailed for Harley Quinn given that we see him sharing a drink with Harley and apparently being quite friendly with her. Doctor Psycho is voiced by two-time Emmy Award winner Tony Hale, best known for his portrayal of Gary Walsh on Veep and his recent performance as Forky in Toy Story 4.

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Harley Quinn DC Universe Clayface

Gotham City's favorite shapeshifter seems to have found employment as a bartender, as we see Clayface serving up shots for Harley and her friends in this scene. It is unknown which version of Clayface this might be (There's been 7 in the comics. 8 if you include Lady Clay.) but it looks like he'll be part of Harley's inner circle of friends. He will also be voiced by Alan Tudyk.

Maxie Zeus

Harley Quinn DC Universe Maxie Zeus

One quick clip in the trailer shows Harley beating up a man in a toga in a decidedly Greek setting. This appears to be Maxie Zeus - a Gotham City crime boss notable for his belief that he is Zeus, King of the Gods of Ancient Greece. He's also notable in that most of the inmates of Arkham Asylum think he's too crazy to be worth dealing with, which is something considering the source.

King Shark

Harley Quinn DC Universe King Shark

Is he a shark that evolved into a man? A man that mutated into a shark-man? Or is he the son of the Shark God? The comics are maddeningly vague upon the true origins of King Shark but it is known that he will be one of Harley's close friends in her new show. It is also known that he will be voiced by Ron Fuches, who also provides the voice for Cooper in the Trolls movies. It is unknown who the cigarette-smoking mouse menacing him in the trailer is, though he seems to wear the same beret and bandoleers as the Brotherhood of Evil's Monsieur Mallah.


Young Justice Harley Quinn Batman

Naturally the Dark Knight Detective will be showing up to hassle Harley as she begins trying to make a name for herself in Gotham City's underworld. It seems likely, however, that the two may join forces if they wind up on the wrong side of The Joker together. Diedrich Bader returns to the role of Batman, having voiced the Caped Crusader in Batman: The Brave and The Bold.

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Clayface's Hand & Commissioner Jim Gordon

Harley Quinn DC Universe Jim Gordon and Clayface's Hand

It's unclear why an unshaven Commissioner Gordon would be playing poker with the sentient severed hand of Clayface in this scene, but it's a fair bet that a pun about a "bad hand" is bound to be made. Clayface's Hand will be voiced by Spongebob Squarepants himself, Tom Kenny. Commissioner Gordon will be voiced by Christopher Meloni, who was most recently seen as Nick Sax in Happy!

Kite Man

Harley Quinn DC Universe Kite-Man

While not quite the stupidest supervillain in comic book history, Kite Man is still somewhere in the top ten. Despite having found a way to weaponize kites, the only thing Charles Brown has truly accomplished in his life is being the most embarrassing villain in Batman's rogues' gallery. Certainly Poison Ivy is embarrassed to be seen with him in this scene, as Kite-Man accidentally activates his costume and unintentionally causes a bit of chaos in a fancy restaurant.

Queen Of Fables

Harley Quinn DC Universe Queen Of Fables

The original inspiration for Snow White's wicked stepmother, the Queen of Fables is a powerful sorceress who draws power from fairy tales. Her role in Harley Quinn remains unknown but she's never been the sort to play nice with anyone, hero or villain, in the comics. She will be voiced by legendary comedian and Emmy Award-winning writer Wanda Sykes.

Lex Luthor and KGBeast

Harley Quinn DC Universe Lex Luthor and KGBeast

Lex Luthor doesn't seem like the sort of guy to trade fist bumps. Yet he does so with Russian super-assassin KGBeast in this quick clip from the Harley Quinn trailer. Superman's arch-enemy will be voiced by veteran actor Giancarlo Esposito, best known for his portrayal of Gustavo "Gus" Fring in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

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The Rogues' Gallery - Crowd Shot Two

Harley Quinn DC Universe Black Manta Captain Cold Two-Face Calendar Man, Cheetah Poison Ivy

We get to see more members of the Legion of Doom in this short scene, where a fancily-dressed Harley throat-punches Aquaman. Black Manta is surprisingly passive during this scene, considering it is his archenemy being beaten up. We also see Captain Cold, Two-Face, Cheetah and Calendar Man. All in all it looks like there will be quite the line-up of heroes and villains in play when Harley Quinn premieres in October.

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