15She First Debuted In Batman: The Animated Series

15 Things You Need To Know About Harley Quinn
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Unlike most well-known characters in pop culture, Harley Quinn didn’t originate from the pages of a comic book during the Golden Age of Comics. Instead – blazing a new trail as her character so often does – she originated from a scene in Batman: The Animated Series. From

there, starting off as a humble cartoon sidekick to the Joker in a September 1992 episode, Harley Quinn made history and jumped into the comic books and into history as one of every fanboy and fangirl’s favorite supervillains.

Originally nothing more than a girlfriend and accomplice to The Joker on the small screen, the character gained such a strong following that DC Comics fleshed out her backstory by bringing her into the Batman Comics. Eventually evolving into a complex villainess that has become a major player in Gotham City, the well fleshed-out history of Harley Quinn’s creation is second only to the history of the character that she would later become.

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