Harley Quinn Stops Joker From Finally Killing Batman

Warning: SPOILERS for Harley Quinn/Gossamer Special #1

Joker is going to be madder than ever at Harley Quinn, now that she's saved Batman from almost certain doom. Even if Batman will claim he totally had it under control.

Harley and the Joker have parted ways in the DC universe in recent years, with Harley realizing how abusive her relationship was and getting closer to Poison Ivy instead. That doesn't mean that they're out of touch, or that Harley doesn't want to get reevenge from time to time, and foiling his plans is as good a method as any.

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This week, Harley Quinn gets a weirder team-up than ever before, as the worlds of DC and Looney Tunes collide in a new range of crossovers. And while Harley is a big fan of her new furry friend, Gossamer, things aren't all fun and games - the Joker is sending killer robots after the two of them! Time for Harley to find her ex and put a stop to his latest attack... and accidentally save Batman's life at the same time.

DC's Harley Quinn/Gossamer Special #1 starts with a hurricane on Coney Island, that washes up a large, mysterious box on the beach. In true Harley style, the super's first reaction is to crack it open and keep what's inside - which turns out to be none other than Gossamer, the massive, furry, Looney Tune cast member.

The two have a whale of a time at first, eating hot dogs and enjoying a makeover, but soon some giant robots start to crash the party, and Harley assumes that the Joker is behind it all. She is able to hunt him down, where she interrupts her ex where he is taunting a tied up Batman, dangling over a vat of steaming green goop and looking pretty much done for.

That is, until he and Harley get into a knock down fight, giving Gossamer time to free the Dark Knight and send him on his way (after asking for an autograph, of course).

It can't be the proudest moment for Batman, although he swears that he had a plan to get out of this sticky situation before they arrive to fix things. And of course, this wouldn't be the first time that it has seemed as though all is lost between the two of them, so it's highly unlikely that the Joker would have actually been able to do him in had Harley and Gossamer not shown up. This may mean, however, that Batman owes Harley a favor - whether she intended to save his skin or not.

Of course, the Harley Quinn/Gossamer Special is a one-off, so it's not too likely that Harley will be calling in this favor in the main DC Universe any time soon, but it would certainly make for an interesting reference if it does happen. For now, Gossamer has been returned to his creator, Harley has returned to Coney, and the Joker and Batman will be picking up their rivalry at the next opportunity...

Harley Quinn/Gossamer Special #1 is available now from DC Comics.

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