Harley Quinn Confirms Poison Ivy's Death?

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Harley Quinn #55

A mass shooting at the superhero retreat, Sanctuary, has killed several of DC Comics’ heroes - among them, Poison Ivy. And while neither the culprit nor Ivy’s body have been found, the most recent issue of Harley Quinn appears to confirm that poor Pamela Isley truly is no more.

The tragic shooting happens in the first issue of the DC Comics mini-series, Heroes in Crisis, but it isn’t until the second issue that Ivy is included in the list of the dead. This seemingly confirms what so many fans had already feared, but without any solid proof, there are those still hoping that Ivy might have somehow survived. Among the hopeful is Harley Quinn, Ivy’s best friend and sometimes lover, who was also at Sanctuary and is one of only two survivors of the shooting (not to mention a prime suspect).Could Harley have actually murdered Ivy? That’s a question Heroes in Crisis continues to explore, but in the most recent issue of Harley Quinn, there is some evidence to suggest that Ivy’s death is, sadly, no ruse.

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Harley Quinn #55 is a holiday special that ends on a lovely group shot of Harley’s family and friends gathered around the table for Christmas dinner. There’s Harley’s parents, her younger brothers, the Gang of Harley’s manager, Coach, the Female Fury Petite Tina, Harley Quinn comic book artist M. Clatterbuck, and Catwoman. Conspicuously absent from the holiday affair is Poison Ivy, implying that she isn’t around because she’s no longer around at all.

Ivy’s absence from Harley’s holiday soiree may at first not appear all that unusual. After all, Harley and Ivy’s relationship has never been strictly monogamous and Ivy has in the past explained to Harley that she can’t always be with her. Not too mention, Harley’s solo series exists in its own weird corner of DC Comics continuity (AKA Coney Island) and it isn’t always required to adhere to the developments of the wider of DC Universe.

However, the fact that Selina Kyle is at Harley’s Christmas dinner is what really makes Ivy’s absence so strange. Were no other DC players present, it’d be understandable that this was an evening just for Harley’s family and those friends she’s made in her solo title. But having Catwoman there - someone who is a friend of Harley’s, but isn’t anywhere as near and dear to her as Ivy - only draws more attention to Ivy’s absence. And sadly, Ivy not being around for Christmas might just imply that she’s really dead and gone.

Of course, Harley makes absolutely no reference to the events of Heroes in Crisis in her holiday special, which could mean that Ivy not being at her Christmas party is just a coincidence or an oversight. Then again, Catwoman being present is a purposeful decision on the part of the comics’ creators, so it would stand that not including Ivy is as well. Still, no matter the reason why Ivy doesn’t appear in Harley Quinn #55, the continuation of Heroes in Crisis is sure to provide at least some answers about what happened to Poison Ivy.

Harley Quinn #55 is now available from DC Comics.

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