Birds of Prey Filming In 2019; Eyes All-Female Crew

A new report suggests the Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey could film as early as 2019, and may feature an all-female crew. It's been difficult to keep up with all of the DC films that are currently in some stage of development, especially as few of them have even been confirmed by Warner Bros. themselves. But what's clear is that Margot Robbie will return as Harley Quinn in some sort of spinoff from the Suicide Squad franchise. Beyond the character's return in Suicide Squad 2, however, the big question has been which of the many rumored films involving Harley Quinn will actually get made.

In the past couple of months, its seemed clear that the Harley-led film that will emerge is Birds of Prey. Though Gotham City Sirens was once the frontrunner, Robbie herself has been leading the charge for a Harley Quinn 'girl gang' film that will combine her and other female DC villains and heroes. Birds of Prey even landed a director, with Cathy Yan coming up from the world of indies to help Robbie bring the new project to life. Now, it may be adding even more women to its production.

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Heroic Hollywood is reporting that Birds of Prey will start shooting in 2019, meaning it should be the next DC movie to hit theaters after Wonder Woman 2 arrives in late 2019. What's more, word is that an "all-female crew" is being sought for the film. Likely, that will mostly pertain to key creative roles, though an entire female crew would certainly be an audacious move for a modern blockbuster.

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Christina Hodson is working on the script for Birds of Prey, meaning the film already has a female writer, director, and star in place - though it's worth noting that Robbie recently said Yan was hired because she was the right person for the job, not because she was female. Assuming the latest report is accurate, we can also expect women to fill the roles of cinematographer, costume designer, and production designer, among other jobs on the production.

As for what exactly the film will entail, it seems Harley will somehow go from being a criminal to a hero and that Birds of Prey will feature Batgirl alongside her. It's been reported that the current plan is for Batgirl to make her DC live-action movie debut in Birds of Prey, prior to starring in her solo film (which Hodson is writing now).

Beyond Harley and Barbara Gordon, leading candidates for the team are former Gotham City Sirens characters Catwoman and Poison Ivy, along with comic stalwarts Black Canary and Huntress. We could also see someone like Katana crossover from Suicide Squad, given her existence in the DCEU, her history with the comic book team, and her connection to Harley. If Birds of Prey is truly shooting in 2019, however, we should learn much more about the film in the coming months.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood

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