Harley Quinn Finds Love With Lobo

NOTE: This article contains SPOILERS for Harley's Little Black Book #6


She's strong, she's unforgettable, and so unpredictably bonkers nobody other than The Joker could claim her love... or so we thought. It turns out Harley Quinn has a fondness for just about any pale-skinned psychopath with a homicidal strike, if her recent erratic love affair with Lobo is to be believed. Sure, her romance with DC Comics' cosmic biker bounty hunter only lasts for a single issue, but all the best romances burn out as quickly. Just make sure nobody tells the Joker.

The tryst takes place in Harley Quinn's Little Black Book, a collection of crazy tales following the titular femme fatale, including (among others) her recent boxing match against Superman. And in hurling kisses, as in hurling punches, Harley packs a punch that can knock even a superpowered alien out cold. The story can't exactly be recommended to younger readers, but we doubt they would be able to appreciate the avalanche of sexual innuendos and aggressive flirtation. But then, what would you expect when the likes of Harley Quinn and Lobo give love a chance?

Lobo Pulls Harley Out of The Fire

Harley Quinn and Lobo Comic

The story that unites Harley and Lobo spins somewhat out of that previous Superman bout, as Harley Quinn just can't keep herself from using the magical balls found in the Man of Steel's Fortress of Solitude to go blipping from one point in space to another. Her latest trip lands her aboard the ship of the Space Pope (obviously), smack in the middle of the cosmic conqueror's brig. Surrounded by the bounty hunter's many prizes, Harley does what anyone would do: opens an airlock, wreaking havoc on the prison's occupants. As luck would have it, though, that net full of bounty had already attracted the attention of Lobo. Which put him in the perfect place to snatch Harley from the coldness of space... moments before the destruction of the spacecraft.

Lobo can't know just what madness had landed in his lap (literally), but by shielding her from the heat of re-entry, letting his own colorless flesh be cooked off the bone instead of hers, this cosmic biker puts himself squarely on her good side. Which is a good place to be, since they come in for a wet landing on a desolate planet, washing up on a secluded beach with only scraps of their clothing left un-torched. Harley's about as comfortable as ever, but it takes a special kind of man to not collapse in a blush.

Lobo is no ordinary man. Which means Harley may have finally met her match in body and mind.

Romance, Lobo Style

Instead of oil and water, Lobo and Harley mix as well as oil and fire, turning the un-killable killer into an emotional, moody, insecure wreck, and turning Harley into the cooler head, for once. It may be the return of Simon Bisley, renowned Lobo artist from the 1990s, but the story is downright dripping with Heavy Metal grunge - tropical island jungle or no. So it only seems natural that Lobo is oblivious to Harley's flirting, instead exerting his energy by strangling and battling the twisted monstrosities that populate the island. Little does he know that in the twisted mind of Harley Quinn, being drenched in otherworldly offal and guts can make a man more attractive.

A heavy meal and some reminiscing about their equally troubled origins later, and our two stars reach common ground before heading into the jungle for a - you guessed it - dip into a waterfall-filled oasis. And when an alien mercenary who Talks a big game meets a crazed woman who never backs down from a challenge... the inevitable happens.

Love Blooms (Briefly)

Lips meet (to begin with), and we'll leave readers to their imagination. The moment is somewhat spoiled by an enormous snake monster erupting from the water to eat Lobo whole, but it does give Harley a chance to come to her man's rescue. Not that he needs it, having already sliced his way out, but it's a tender moment (for Harley) either way. Sadly, their continued attempts to make the most of their time before Harley teleports back home are foiled.

The romance may be fleeting, but as the saying goes: "it's better to have loved and lost interest, than never to have loved at all." Now we just have to hope Joker doesn't find out.

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Harley Quinn's Little Black Book #6 is available now.

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