Dr. Phil May Cameo in the Harley Quinn & Joker Spinoff Movie

The next Joker & Harley Quinn movie may start with a cameo from Dr. Phil. 2016's Suicide Squad proved to be quite a divisive film, and one could look no further than two of its main characters. Margot Robbie broke out in a major way thanks to her portrayal of Harley Quinn. This performance made her the center of multiple spinoffs, with Birds of Prey being the first to come to fruition. While Harley left a positive impression on fans, Jared Leto's Joker largely didn't. Despite the reception to his interpretation, Warner Bros. and DC still wanted to bring him back for a sequel, his own standalone, and even a movie with Harley.

Screen Rant first broke the news about a Joker & Harley Quinn movie last summer as it was entering development. It wasn't too long after we reported this news that Crazy, Stupid, Love directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa were hired to write and direct. The project hasn't received many updates since, but the directing duo have now revealed how it would open and the cameo they want.

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Talking to Metro, Ficarra and Requa said their Joker & Harley Quinn movie opens with the kidnapping of Dr. Phil, and expressed their hope that the real Dr. Phil will actually cameo in the film. There's no notion that any conversations with Dr. Phil have happened yet. Instead, this is just a concept for the film's opening, as Harley would take him to help solve her and Joker's relationship problems.

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If Ficarra and Requa's movie actually gets made, and this idea sticks, they could actually have a shot at getting Dr. Phil onboard. He's made several appearances on TV and in movies as himself, so he could be open to the idea for this DC project. His most recent appearance was on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but he also appeared in Scary Movie 4Hannah Montana, and several other projects over the last decade. If Ficarra and Requa's pitch to him is as great as they believe it could be, there's a possibility this will actually happen. Harley and Joker certainly have a complicated relationship, so if anyone is going to be able to help them figure it out, it may be Dr. Phil.

However, before they worry about whether or not Dr. Phil will appear, the status of Joker & Harley Quinn must first be figured out. They confirmed in the same interview that the script is done, so they're just at the mercy of WB and DC at this point. The studios could decide to move on this as the next Harley Quinn project after Birds of Prey, or it could take even longer if Suicide Squad 2 takes the next slot, or even Gotham City Sirens. WB and DC are clearly not going to let Margot Robbie and Harley Quinn go to waste, so the longer she's popular, the better the chance is Joker & Harley Quinn actually gets made.

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Source: Metro

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