Harley Quinn is Becoming DC's New Cosmic Goddess

DC Harley Quinn #57 Cover Close Up

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers For Harley Quinn #57 

Harley Quinn is having a bit of a tough time right now in the DC Comics universe, but it looks like things might be getting easier for her... because DC is setting her up to become a Cosmic God! In the newest issue of Harley Quinn, Coney Island's mad protector starts on the path to godhood. But we've got a feeling that this isn't going to end the way that Harley thinks it is.

The life of Harley isn't all doom and gloom, of course, but she struggled for a while with her place in that grey area between hero and villain. She left Coney Island for a time to try and get to grips with her sense of self, and although she came back (and started feeling a whole lot better about her little chosen family and her place in the world), it was soon followed by the reveal that Harley Quinn's mom has cancer. Now it's another case of good and bad: Harley's been offered potential godhood... but she's also got Batman on her back after being framed for murder.

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Harley Quinn #57 starts with Quinn on her rooftop, feeling just a little bit sorry for herself (understandably), when there is a blinding flash of light and a being (whose style looks a whole lot like Harley's own) appears in front of her. She introduces herself as 'Mirand'r of the planet Tamaran, Herald of the Trials'. She offers Harley a chance to become a cosmic god, the Galactic Angel of Retribution, if she can pass a series of trials. Completing the six trials will make her a demi-god with a cosmic mandate... although it is not revealed what the mandate is, because in true Harley style, she gets bored, cuts Mirand'r off, and accepts (in order to get a cool sword).

DC Harley Quinn #57 Trials Cosmic God

Mirand'r is described in the synopsis as 'the ghost of a young, Earth-obsessed Tamaranean' and the harbinger of the Lords of Order and Chaos. DC fans will know that she is far from the first Tamaranean that has appeared in this universe, with the most famous character from the planet Tamaran being the Teen Titans' Starfire. However, this is pretty much all we know about Mirand'r so far, and it's generally not the best idea to take comic characters at face value... especially when they are offering to turn someone into a demi-god.

It's also not clear what the trials are, or what the 'cosmic mandate' is should Harley pass them all. It's likely, however, the that events of the rest of the issue (Batman coming after Harley after it appears that she has left evidence at a murder scene in Gotham) are connected to the trials in some way. The next several issues will presumably chronicle her trials, and only after she's completed a few will we learn what, exactly, is going on here. Is Mirand'r telling the truth? Is Harley cut out to be a demi god? Or (and this is the most likely option) is there something else going on here, and Harley is being tricked into doing things for the promise of a way to save her mother?

Harley Quinn #57 is available now from DC Comics.

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