20 Crazy Details About Harley Quinn’s Body

Harley Quinn

The most popular DC heroes are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, who are commonly referred to as the "big three" by fans due to their iconic status in pop culture.

Harley Quinn really needs to be added to that group of characters, as her popularity has reached the same levels as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in recent years.

Harley is a merchandise-selling machine and her presence in Suicide Squad helped to elevate her to new levels of mainstream popularity that she had never had before.

The curious thing about Harley Quinn's rise to popularity is the fact that she isn't a hero. Harley is one of the closest associates of the Joker and has been involved in some of his most terrible crimes.

The very basis of the Harley Quinn character is that she is in love with an abusive man, who just happens to be the clown prince of crime.

The popularity of Harley Quinn in recent years has led to DC changing her from a villain into an anti-hero, with her relationship to the Joker downplayed in favor of her status as a member of Task Force X/Suicide Squad. Harley is even a main character and a hero in DC Super Hero Girls, which is a show intended for young children.

The various contradictory portrayals of Harley Quinn over the years seem apt, considering the chaotic nature of the character.

We are here today to learn the secrets of the most unlikely star of the DC universe, from the issues concerning her age in Suicide Squad to the first actress who ever portrayed the live-action version of the character.

Here are the 20 Crazy Details About Harley Quinn’s Body.

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Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad
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20 Her Age In Suicide Squad Makes No Sense

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad

In most of Harley Quinn's origin stories, she first meets the Joker when she becomes a staff member at Arkham Asylum. The Joker eventually gets into her head and convinces her that he loves her, leading to her helping jim escape and becoming his right-hand woman. Suicide Squad used the familiar backstory for Harley Quinn, but a few established facts about the setting make no sense. We see Harley Quinn's criminal record in Suicide Squad and it states that she was born in 1990, making her twenty-six years old at the start of the movie. The criminal record also states that Harley started committing crimes in '09, shortly before her nineteenth birthday.

There is no way that Harley could have received the medical training required in order to become a psychiatrist at the age of eighteen.

It's likely that she wouldn't have even received the full qualification necessary at the age of twenty-six.

19 She Is Immune To Most Poisons

Harley Quinn has rarely been seen possessing superpowers and the ones she does have tend to be temporary. She is similar to many of Batman's enemies in this regard, such as The Riddler and Two-Face, who are far more grounded villains than the intergalactic threats that are faced by the Justice League. In terms of her physical abilities, Harley is considered to be a highly-skilled martial artist and is an Olympic level gymnast. Harley is also highly intelligent, but this is often offset by her mental instability. One of the few recurring powers that Harley Quinn possesses in various forms of media is her resistance to poison. She was given this ability by Poison Ivy, who injected her with a substance that boosted her immune system to a level far beyond that of a normal human.

18 She Was Once Trained By The Amazons

Wonder Woman Amazons

DC used to experiment with releasing weekly comics that took place over the course of a year, which started with the popular 52 series, which showed what happened during a period of time when Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman weren't around to save the day. In the Countdown series, Harley Quinn spent time hanging around with Holly Robinson, who took on the role of Catwoman after Selina Kyle gave birth.

Harley and Holly encounter Athena of the Greek gods, who takes them to Themyiscara in order to be trained by the Amazons.

It was here that Holly discovered the truth - that Athena was actually Granny Goodness in disguise, who was hoping to find new recruits to join her Female Furies.

17 She Was Crazy Before She Met The Joker

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Joker Harley

The most we see of Harley Quinn's backstory usually starts with her first encounter with the Joker. We see him slowly get inside of her head, while she begins to fall for him. Harley reaches the conclusion that the Joker loves her and that she is the only one who can understand him, leading to her helping him escape from Arkham. It seems that Harley was crazy long before she met the Joker, as she managed to convince one of her college professors to aid her in an experiment that tested the theory that people only break the rules of society whenever they commit a crime or when they are in love. Harley convinced her boyfriend, Guy Kopski, that she had accidentally shot someone while stealing a car. This leads to Guy accidentally shoot a homeless person, before taking his own life. It was later revealed that Harley's professor was the one responsible for Guy's reaction, as he had planted a diluted shot of Joker Venom into one of his drinks.

16 She Once Received The Power Of The Greek Muses

Suicide Squad - Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

In Countdown, the Greek gods were imprisoned on Apokolips. When Granny Goodness' true identity was revealed on Themyiscara, she fled to Apokolips with Harley Quinn, Holly Robinson, and Mary Marvel in pursuit. When they arrived on Apokolips, Mary heard the voice of the gods and was able to free them, resulting in them restoring her powers.

As a reward for helping to win their freedom, the Greek gods gave Harley and Holly a portion of their powers in order to make them strong enough to fight the New Gods.

Harley Quinn was given superpowers by Thalia of the nine Muses. Thalia was the goddess of comedy, which is why she took a liking to Harley.

This gave Harley super strength and durability, which allowed her to battle the soldiers of Apokolips.

15 She Has A Healing Factor

It's never explained why exactly Amanda Waller wanted Harley Quinn to be part of her special task force in Suicide Squad, as Harley has no special powers to offer nor any kind of physical or mental ability that can't be replicated by a trained soldier. The fact that Harley Quinn has no superpowers is something that is true to the comic books, as Harley is often just a highly skilled henchman of the Joker. There have been times when Harley has possessed the ability to heal from wounds in an instant, which is a result of the injection that was given to her Poison Ivy. Harley has been shown to heal from bullet wounds in a matter of seconds due to this regenerative ability.

14 Shredder Turned Her Into A Mutant

The movie rights for the most important superheroes have all been locked down by now, which means that you won't see the same kind of inter-company crossovers in the movies that you will in the comic books. Batman has crossed over with various different characters over the years, including the likes of Captain America, Judge Dredd, and the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. In 2016, Batman crossed over with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This resulted in Shredder arriving in Gotham and transforming Batman's villains into human/animal hybrids.

We only see Harley Quinn for a brief moment when she is transformed, but she seems to have been changed into a human/hyena hybrid.

13 The Walk That She Does In Arkham Asylum Was Motion-Captured By A Man

The version of Harley Quinn that appeared in Batman: Arkham Asylum was a popular choice among cosplayers for a while. It's one of the most objectified versions of the character, which goes hand-in-hand with a far more creepy view of the character, with the male gaze being in full effect during any cutscene in which she appears. The thing that most fans don't realize about the version of Harley from Batman: Arkham Asylum is that all of her motion capture work was performed by a man. That's right, the sassy walk with all of the hip-swaying was performed by a dude wearing a skintight suit in a studio.

12 She Had A Hard Time Fighting Betty From Riverdale

The characters from Archie are no strangers to crossovers with other characters, including an infamous encounter with the Punisher. In 2018, Betty and Veronica had the misfortune of crossing over with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. This was compounded by the fact that they were all at the same Halloween party, while Betty and Veronica were dressed in Harley and Ivy cosplay outfits. A fight breaks out between the four and Betty actually manages to fight Harley on an equal footing, despite the fact that she is a teenage girl and Harley is a highly-skilled fighter who has gone toe-to-toe with members of the Justice League. The fight is interrupted by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Zatanna before it reaches its conclusion, so we can't say for sure who would have won.

11 Her Original Voice Actress Was The Inspiration For The Character

Paul Dini is the creator of Harley Quinn. He originally only wanted a female henchman for the Joker and never had any long-term plans for the character. Harley became the breakout success of Batman: The Animated Series and would eventually become part of the DC comic universe. Harley Quinn was originally voiced by Arleen Sorkin, who was also the unintentional inspiration for the character.

Paul Dini has stated in interviews that Harley Quinn was inspired by a dream sequence from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. 

There was a scene where the characters were reimagined as being in a king's court, which involved Arleen Sorkin playing a female jester who attempts to entertain the royal family. This scene stuck with Paul Dini over the years and it eventually led to the creation of Harley Quinn, who would be voiced by the same actress who inspired her.

10 It Took DC 14 Years To Admit That Harley & Poison Ivy Were In A Romantic Relationship

Harley Quinn has often been defined by her abusive relationship with the Joker, to the point where many fans have referred to her as a bad role model, due to how she always ends up returning to his side. There is another prominent romantic interest in Harley's life, but the writers could only hint at their relationship for many years. Harley's closest friend is Poison Ivy, which is a relationship that dates back to Batman: The Animated Series. As time went on and Harley became part of the DC comics universe, the writers started to hint that there was more to Harley & Ivy's relationship than friendship. A few non-canon stories had confirmed that Harley is bisexual and in a romantic relationship with Ivy, but it was finally confirmed in the main continuity in the pages of Harley Quinn #25, which was released in 2017. It was recently that the versions of Harley & Ivy from the Injustice series were married at some point in the past.

9 She Appeared As A Grandmother In Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker revealed the fates of several of the characters from Batman: The Animated Series, with the original Joker perishing at the hands of Robin and Harley Quinn seemingly falling to her doom during a battle with Batgirl.

It's revealed at the end of Return of the Joker that Harley Quinn was still alive in the Batman Beyond timeline and was the grandmother of Dee Dee.

She bails the twins out of jail at the end of the movie. In the original cut of the movie, Harley's outfit was blue and purple. The producers must have felt that Harley's true identity was too subtle, which is why later cuts of the movie changed her outfit so that it was red and black, in order to match Harley's original color scheme.

8 She Would Have Been The Joker's Daughter In Batman Unchained

Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Batman

Harley Quinn made her movie debut in Suicide Squad, as Christopher Nolan had no interest in including the character in his Dark Knight trilogy. We almost saw a movie version of Harley Quinn back in the '90s, as she was going to appear in Batman Unchainedwhich was a planned sequel to Batman & Robin that never enter production. Batman Unchained would have used the Scarecrow as its main villain. He was going to be joined by Harley Quinn, a toymaker who discovers that she is the daughter of the Jack Nicholson version of the Joker. Harley would seek out revenge against Batman, as she blamed him for the demise of her father.

7 Her Voice Actress Has Cosplayed As Harley (And No One Recognized Her)

Harley Quinn and the Joker Are Crazy in Love

The first voice actress for Harley Quinn was Arleen Sorkin, starting with her debut in '92 in Batman: The Animated Series.  The last time Sorkin voiced Harley was in Batman: Arkham Asylum, which was released in '09. Sorkin officially retired from acting in 2012. The role of Harley Quinn was taken over by veteran voice actress Tara Strong, who had played Harley in almost all of her appearances since.

In 2016, Tara Strong surprised her fans by cosplaying as the Arkham Knight version of Harley.

It seems that her costume may have been too effective, as she was repeatedly asked to take a picture by fans who had no idea that it was her in the outfit.

6 DC Came Under Fire For A Provocative Harley Fan Art Contest

Harley Quinn #1 Rebirth

Harley Quinn is as popular a choice for fanart as she is for cosplay, with websites like Deviantart being filled to the brim with numerous drawings of her. The people at DC once ran a contest that would give one lucky artist the chance to contribute to an upcoming Harley Quinn comic. In order to enter, the participants had to draw several pictures of Harley, the last of which involved her sitting in a bathtub just before she drops several electrical appliances into the water in an attempt to end her own life. The contest quickly drew the ire of fans for its mixture of glorifying violence against women and its insensitivity to the issue of taking ones own life. The controversial panel never made it into the final version of the comic, as it was replaced with a new image of Harley riding on a rocket.

5 She Is Used To Make References To The Howard Stern Show

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Cover

Harley Quinn has been used as a mouthpiece for making references to The Howard Stern Show.  There is a member of the Stern Show cast called Jon Hein who had previously owned the Jump the Shark website. Hein is one of the most straight-laced members of the Stern Show cast and he almost never loses his patience with the other staff members when they goof on him. The Stern Show staff finally found a way to get under Jon Hein's skin when they turned "Hit 'em with the Hein" into a catchphrase, which is something that annoys him to no end.

It seems that there are people at DC Comics who are fans of The Howard Stern Show, as Harley has been used to make "Hit 'em with the Hein" references.

This has included wearing the catchphrase on her outfits when she appears on covers and saying the line out of nowhere in the Telltale Batman games.

4 She Was Once Defeated By Teela From Masters Of The Universe

Teela From Masters Of the Universe

One of the trickiest aspects of attempting a superhero crossover with characters of varying degrees of power is explaining why the stronger members of the group don't just easily deal with the enemies of the weaker characters. We see this whenever Batman villains are used as enemies of the Justice League, with the writers needing to come up with contrived reasons as to why someone like the Joker or the Penguin would pose a threat to Green Lantern or Superman. Harley Quinn has often had inconsistent capabilities when fighting other superheroes, which often depends on the writer. Harley might struggle fighting Robin in one issue and then pose an equal threat to Black Canary in another. When the characters from the Injustice franchise crossed over with the Masters of the Universe in a comic book series, Harley was defeated in a single kick by Teela, who is one of the allies of He-Man. This version of Teela was a skilled fighter, but she shouldn't have jobbed Harley out so quickly.

3 A Harley Quinn Exists In The World Of The Adam West Batman Series

Harley Quinn debuted in '92 in Batman: The Animated Series, which means that she has no official counterpart in the original Adam West Batman TV show from the sixties. The Joker did have a blonde henchwoman in one episode, but she was an original character. A comic book adaptation of the Batman TV show began publication in 2013, which was called Batman '66. This series finally added a version of Harley Quinn to the old Batman TV show continuity.

In issue sixty-two of Batman '66, Batman and Robin face the Harlequin, who once worked at the Arkham Institute.

This version of the character sacrificed her sanity in order to save the city of Gotham, as she absorbed all of the energy from a beam that was projecting the Joker's madness to all of the citizens. The energy transformed Holly Quinn into a lunatic and she eventually escaped Arkham and took on the role of the Harlequin.

2 She Was Involved In One Of The Most Embarrassing E3 Moments Of All Time

Nintendo has had its fair share of cringe-worthy moments at E3 over the years, ranging from the imaginary Wii Music concert to the brand new control scheme for The Legend of Zelda: Skyway Sword breaking down during a live demonstration. One of the worst things to ever happen at a Nintendo E3 event was the moment during their 2012 panel dedicated to Batman: Arkham Asylum for the Wii U. Reggie Fils-Aimé was interrupted by a static image of Harley Quinn, who introduced the President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The reason this moment looked so bad is that the developers couldn't be bothered putting together a cutscene using a 3D model of Harley and instead opted to use a still image of a piece of promotional art for the game.

1 Margot Robbie Wasn't The First Live-Action Version Of Her

Anyone who has attended a comic convention within the past few years will have found themselves adrift in a sea of Harley Quinn cosplayers. You will find the occasional Batman: The Animated Series or Arkham version of Harley in the crowd, but the vast majority of the cosplayers will be dressed like the Margot Robbie version of the character from Suicide Squad.  The Margot Robbie version of Harley has eclipsed all other versions of the character in terms of popularity, to the point where she was often called the best part of Suicide Squad and is receiving her own solo movie. The Margot Robbie version of Harley Quinn wasn't actually the first live-action version of the character. That honor falls to Mia Sara, who played Harley in the short-lived Birds of Prey TV show that ran for a single season from '02 to '03. Mia Sara's version of Harley Quinn was the main villain of the series and she managed to acquire mind control powers in the final episode. This version of Harley took over the Joker's role and was more determined to become a crime boss than any other version of the character.


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