• Harley Quinn is clearly the heart of the Birds of Prey... 1 / 14

    Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Movie Poster
  • Taking the spotlight in the film's early marketing. 2 / 14

    Birds of Prey Harley Quinn as Marilyn Monroe vertical
  • But the team behind her are DC superstars on their own... 3 / 14

    Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Comic Vertical
  • So fans are going to want to meet them, sooner or later. 4 / 14

    Harley Birds Comic Vertical
  • There's Black Canary, the tough-as-nails Gothamite... 5 / 14

    Birds of Prey Black Canary singing trailer vertical
  • Whose voice can do as much damage as her fists. 6 / 14

  • Then there's Helena Bertinelli, AKA the Huntress... 7 / 14

  • On a mission for revenge against the mob that killed her family. 8 / 14

  • Cassie Cain is the girl the Birds of Prey seem to be protecting... 9 / 14

    Cassandra Cain Birds of Prey Vertical
  • Even if she needed none in the comics, as an expert assassin. 10 / 14

    Cassie Cain Orphan Vertical
  • To do it they'll be relying on the help of Detective Renee Montoya... 11 / 14

    Rosie Perez Renee Montoya Birds of Prey Vertical
  • A former GCPD who became the superhero Question (in comics). 12 / 14

    Renee Montoya in DC Comics
  • Here's hoping Batgirl can join in on the sequel! 13 / 14

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