Harley Quinn Just Became Batman's NEW Sidekick

When a dead body bearing the Joker's mark turns up in Gotham, Batman and Harley Quinn must team up to solve the case. Read our preview now!

The infamous Harley Quinn may have started as a villain in Batman's universe, but she's put her evil-doing ways behind her. And to prove it to Batman, she's joining up as his newest partner to find a mystery killer who's out to frame her for murder.

Even for Harley Quinn, being forced to prove her own innocence could have come at a better time. As if it wasn't enough that Harley's mother was recently diagnosed with cancer, someone has gone to great lengths to make it seem like Harley is not only not completely over her ex, the Joker, but out to frame him - and is willing to kill to do it. Thankfully, our exclusive preview of Harley Quinn #58 shows fans won't need to wait long to see Harley go from Batman's prime suspect... to his newest Robin?

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The appearance of a dead body with Harley's name on it in Harley Quinn #57 was a surprising return to the character's Gotham roots. To drive home the point, that same issue began with Harley Quinn being chosen as a new cosmic goddess. Well, given the chance to become a new cosmic goddess, assuming she can first pass a number of trials to prove she's worthy.

A requirement that may have more to do with this murder case than readers will first assume... Take a look at the preview pages embedded below:

The first preview pages make it clear that, despite his harsh words upon suspecting Harley for the crime, he's unconvinced she is truly responsible. When a corpse wakes up and walks out of the morgue - all while Harley is handcuffed in the Batcave - even Batman has to admit something is up. Their team-up is guaranteed to be a fun ride for Batman and Harley Quinn fans alike... but the timing of this supernatural murder can't be coincidence.

Harley is told she will face a sequence of trials to earn her role as Seeker to the Lord's of Order and Chaos, then a dead man with one of her hairs comes back to life, and claims his trap has been sprung? That's as strange a start to a trial befitting Harley Quinn as we can think of. But let's just hope that her partnership with Batman isn't over as quickly as this case. To find out if Harley really is being framed for murder as some kind of cosmic audition, readers will have to pick up the full issues when it arrives this Wednesday. Until then, read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • HARLEY QUINN (2019) #58
  • Published: February 6th, 2019
  • Writer: Sam Humphries
  • Art: John Timms
  • Cover: Guillem March
  • Variant Cover: Derrick Chew
  • Implicated in a crime she didn’t commit, Harley Quinn must prove her innocence by teaming up with the Caped Crusader himself—Batman! But can the Clown Princess of Crime and the Dark Knight coexist long enough to solve a murder? Or will the two frenemies end up being the death of each other?

Harley Quinn #58 will be available on February 6th, from DC Comics.

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