Harley Quinn Confirms Avengers Exist in DC's Universe

Harley Quinn and The Avengers

The worlds of Marvel and DC Comics may be kept separate in films and television, but when it comes to comics, fans know Iron Man references Superman in casual conversation. Thanks to that friendly shot-taking and shouting-out, readers will never have to wonder which member of Marvel's Avengers is Harley Quinn's favorite.

Every now and then the shots may get noticably less friendly, like when Marvel's version of the Justice League murder without hesitation. But for the most part comic writers and artists can't help but recognize the creators, characters, and series they look to for inspiration. And in Harley Quinn #66, the storytellers make it known where Harley's loyalties lie when it comes to The Avengers.

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We'll spare readers the heartbreaking tale of Harley Quinn's mother's illness, and only say after an intense few months, Harley decides that it's time for her to leave Coney Island to clear her head. But as she makes a note of bringing plenty of (her own) comics along for the journey, fans can't help but notice the superhero logos she's used to decorate her backpack. The Batman button isn't a surprise to anyone, considering how much Harley Quinn loves Batman--as confirmed in multiple comic book storylines. But what should stand out is the purple/lavender bullseye pin right next to it.

Harley Quinn Comic Hawkeye Logo

The Avengers movies may have steered clear of Clint Barton's favorite color--something we hope the Hawkeye TV series will change--but comic book readers know a purple bullseye is about as explicit a nod to Hawkeye as is possible. They've also been used in cover art and marketing for Hawkeye over the past few years, guaranteeing fans would make the connection.

So if anyone ever wondered which member of the Avengers Harley Quinn likes best, the answer is clear. Now that we know the answer, it actually seems obvious (Clint is the closest thing to Cupid, after all). Iron Man obviously loves Shazam, while over in DC's Universe Shazam shows his love for Captain America. It's a friendly exchange of affection that goes on whether editors on either side approve or not. The fans may argue who's richer: Iron Man or Batman? And every comic reader will always compare their favorite stars to their closest competition. But let Harley teach the real lesson: even the heroes can't help but enjoy one another's stardom. Read on for the full credits and plot synopsis for the issue below:

  • HARLEY QUINN #66 (2019)
  • Written by: Sam Humphries
  • Art by: Sami Basri
  • Cover Art by: Guillem March, Arif Prianto
  • Variant Cover Art by: Frank Cho, Sabine Rich
  • The trials are over, and Harley Quinn has won! Or has she? Now imbued with the awesome power of the Angel of Retribution, Harley is given an impossible choice-and a chance to raise a loved one from the dead! Choose wisely, Harley: the fate of the universe hangs in the balance!

Harley Quinn #66 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from DC Comics.

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