DC's Animated Harley Quinn TV Show Character Descriptions Revealed

Descriptions for the characters from DC's upcoming animated Harley Quinn TV show have been released, offering fans a hint of what to expect from the series. A new cartoon TV show starring the Clown Princess of Crime was announced for DC's upcoming streaming service last year, with Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey both writing and executive producing.

DC's animated Harley Quinn TV series is currently untitled, but its first season will consist of twenty-six half hour episodes, with a distinctly adult feel to each. Harley herself is obviously the main character, and the assumption is that DC is eyeing Margot Robbie to voice her (as Robbie portrays Quinn in DC's cinematic universe). The show's premise is confirmed to revolve around Quinn's attempts to rise to prominence as a solo villain, after leaving Joker behind her. Now, a little more has been revealed about the upcoming series, in the form of the show's main character descriptions.

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The character descriptions for seven of the show's main characters were posted today by The Hashtag Show, not including Harley, but confirming Joker, Poison Ivy, and several other familiar faces from the comics. You can take a look at those for Joker and Poison Ivy below:

[THE JOKER] (40) Equal parts homicidal and charismatic, he’s been Harley’s longtime awful boyfriend, but when Harley breaks up with him, she vows to take his cherished number-one spot on the Most Wanted list. The Joker thinks of Harley as his creation and, as she grows in power, does everything he can to stop her. (SERIES REGULAR)

[DR. PAMELA ISLEY (AKA “POISON IVY”)] (LATE 20’s) Sarcastic and incredibly smart, Ivy is Harley’s best friend and now roommate. Very much a loner (she prefers plants over people), Ivy is sometimes the voice of reason but always a true friend to Harley. Ivy soon becomes her reluctant partner-in-crime. (SERIES REGULAR)

In addition to Poison Ivy and the Joker, Sy Borgman will be appearing as a retired super-spy in a wheelchair, who is landlord to Harley and Ivy (and uses that position to try and blackmail them into including him in their villainous cabal). Dr Psycho will also be appearing, described as 'An angry misogynist dwarf with telekinesis'. Previously a famous super-villain, Dr Psycho is now disgraced, and willing to put up with Harley to get back in the game. Harley's new gang is rounded out by Malice Vunderbar, a rich intern with 'a demonic shadow cat named Chessure that she carries around in her designer purse', Clayface, who can shapeshift, but is a terrible actor looking for any crew (or acting gig) that will take him, and King Shark, 'a gentle soul who just wants to be normal. That is, until he smells blood. And then he goes into a frenzy and literally eats everyone'.

From these descriptions, it sounds like Harley is gathering a particularly motley crew of villains to help her take over Gotham, with plenty of opportunities for comedy along the way. Fans of the comics will no doubt be expecting to see Harley and Ivy's relationship grow from roommates to romance, as the two have a romantic (if not always easy) relationship in the comic books, although that isn't referenced in the character descriptions themselves. As DC continues to develop this series, we can expect to get more information on the voice actors and eventually, the title and premiere date of a show that promises to be a lot of fun.

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Harley Quinn's new animated series does not have a premiere date yet.

Source: The Hashtag Show

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