The 25 Harley Quinn Designs Over Last 25 Years

For the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn's appearance, DC releases a video celebrating 25 of her most iconic looks. Harley was first created in 1992, as a sidekick to the Joker for Batman: The Animated Series. Although she started as an animation character, Harley quickly found her way into comics, as well as DC's slew of video games and other properties, before finally coming to life on the big screen thanks to Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad.

Since the crazy Quinn first appeared in her iconic red and black jester bodysuit, she has become one of DC's most popular characters, and has long left Joker behind. Now, she has her own crew in the comics, as well as a new (much less abusive) romance with another popular Gotham villain: Poison Ivy. And just to prove that her own comic title and appearance in the DCEU aren't enough to satisfy fan demand for this incredible character, she's also been speculated to be appearing in Gotham, and will be fronting not one, but two, DCEU films: Harley V Joker and Gotham City Sirens. Now, for her anniversary (and ahead of Batman Day), DC has released a short video celebrating some of her looks over the years.

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The video, posted by DC to YouTube, starts with an intro from Bruce Timm, Harley's co-creator, before a slideshow of several of her looks. Timm gives a little background on the former Dr. Quinzel, before thanking Harley fans for their support over the years.

The video starts with Harley's original black and red jester bodysuit from the animated series, before moving into some of her early comic appearances. For 1998, DC chose to show off Harley's winter gear and furry hood for the holidays, and in 2004, she is shown with her true love Poison Ivy. It's not till 2011 that she sheds her iconic suit for a more revealing outfit, which then changes several times over the next few years. Her DC Bombshells costume makes an appearance, as does her DC Super Hero Girls look. Poison Ivy is also not the only other character to make a cameo in the video, as her full gang of Harleys (as they appear in Rebirth) represent another year.

This video is a wonderful way to show the evolution of Harley Quinn, from sidekick to sexpot to standalone character, and it's sure to make fans of the character happy. Quinn will also be 'taking over' Batman Day at, which will also be a big fan-pleaser this weekend. However, not every version of Harley can be included in only 25 images, and many of the best-known video game outfits are noticeably absent, which is sure to frustrate fans who love playing the games as well as reading the comics and watching her shows. Still, it's fantastic to see this incredible character getting a little extra love for her 25th anniversary.

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Source: DC

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