Does The Happytime Murders Have A Post-Credits Scene?

The Happytime Murders packs plenty of R-rated muppet comedy into this film - but does the Melissa McCarthy movie have a post-credits scene? Directed by Jim Henson's son Brian Henson from a script by Todd Berger and story by Dee Austin Robertson, The Happytime Murders is the first release from The Jim Henson Company's adult-geared subsidiary, Henson Alternative. As such, the movie heavily leans into crude and violent humor for this spin on a noir mystery in a world where humans and puppets co-exist.

The Happytime Murders follows disgraced former LAPD detective Phil Phillips (Bill Barretta) who works as a private investigator. When one of his cases lands him at the scene of a murder, he stumbles onto a string of murders connected to the classic sitcom called The Happytime Gang, of which Phil's brother was a cast member. However, when Phil's brother is murdered along with the other cast members, Phil must work with his former partner, Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy), to solve the case. Trailers for The Happytime Murders made it clear that the raunchy buddy cop film would include plenty of R-rated jokes using puppets, but does it also include a post-credits scene?

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Movies sometimes feature a scene after the credits have completely rolled as a way of setting up a sequel, or simply to include one last joke, but The Happytime Murders doesn't have a post-credits scene. Instead, The Happytime Murders includes a video during the credits that's something of a combination between a music video - set to pop classic "I Want Candy" - that also features a behind-the-scenes look at how the puppeteers brought the movie's muppets to life. So, while there isn't a post-credits scene, there is something fun for viewers who stick around to watch the credits.

Melissa McCarthy and Bill Barretta in Happytime Murders
Melissa McCarthy and Bill Barretta in Happytime Murders

It may be for the best that The Happytime Murders doesn't feature a post-credits scene teasing a sequel. Since the movie follows a murder-mystery, it easily wraps up in its 91-minute runtime. Further, The Happytime Murders reviews have been largely negative, with some even proclaiming it to be the worst movie of the summer. As such, it seems unlikely movie will get a sequel even if the story allowed room for further exploration of the characters or world.

Of course, that's not to say The Happytime Murders won't have its fans. It features a new take on puppet comedy, one that appeals directly to adults, and will likely be enjoyable to those who saw the trailers for Happytime Murders and were intrigued by the concept. Although the premise of R-rated muppet comedy may not continue on in a Happytime Murders sequel, now that Henson Alternative has officially launched, there's certainly room for the studio to produce other adult-geared muppet fare. In fact, if the mid-credits video during The Happytime Murders is any indication, a film about how the movie was made might be even more entertaining.

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