Happy!: 10 Questions That Will Never Get Answered Now That It’s Canceled

Happy! was a hilarious show about an ex-cop and an imaginary blue horse, and now that it's been canceled, here are unanswered questions that remain.

This year saw the end for some shows airing on SyFy, as the network cleaned house. Notably, those that got the axe were a pair of live-action adaptations of comic books, namely Deadly Class and Happy!. The latter enjoyed two seasons and in-house popularity, but its uninspiring ratings convinced producers to end it early.

Starring former police officer and all-around drunkard Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) and his daughter’s imaginary friend Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) the blue horse, Happy! followed the unlikely duo’s adventures as they unravel a sprawling conspiracy that started with what was supposed to be a simple rescue mission. Happy! ended on a number of cliffhangers, hinting that the story’s scope was about to get bigger before it was canned by SyFy. With its cancellation, here are 10 questions about Happy! that will never get answered – unless another network buys it.

10 What Happened To Very Bad Santa’s Children?

Very Bad Santa lives up to his name when his toyland is shown at the end of the first season. To keep kids young forever, Santa lobotomizes the children he kidnaps and keeps them in a dingy warehouse.

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Nick kills Santa during the first season finale and rescues his daughter from a dark fate, but what happened to Santa’s victims is never mentioned. Season two opens with not so much as a hint to what happened to Santa’s victims, instead debuting with a bunch of exploding nuns.

9 What Will The Blue Feather Cult Do?

As its second season progressed, Happy! revealed that there’s a bigger picture at play. The presence of the Blue Feather Cult – a fanatical group Merry is forced to join – all but proves that Nick and company may have stumbled into a conspiracy.

One of the cultists explained that their aim is to stop the “old gods,” though “how” is never expounded. Since the devil and God exist, the cultists could be after the imaginary friends. The fact that they named themselves after a certain feature only Happy possesses (i.e. blue feathers) raises even more questions than answers.

8 What Exactly Is Happy?

In the penultimate episode, Orcus realizes that Happy is more than just a made-up horse. In fact, the happy blue horse is the antithesis to the God of Death and can make people fall in love instead of kill themselves.

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The imaginary friends may have been chalked up to the setting’s magical realism, but now it’s implied that they’re more than just figments of a child’s imagination. If Happy has godlike abilities – because he may be a god of sorts, if the Blue Feather Cult is to be believed – the same could be said for the others.

7 Will God Help Out?

As mentioned above, imaginary friends can do more than just keep a child’s hope and joy alive. God – the imaginary friend of a whole civilization – is shown to exist and could possibly be as powerful as religions say he is, as proven by his omniscience when he tells Happy that Nick could still be alive.

God’s full power and potential isn’t detailed in the show, but it’s safe to guess that he could counter Orcus’ abilities despite his waning number of believers. Given his detached attitude, God’s interference in the story may sound implausible but not impossible.

6 What Is Orcus’ Next Plan?

Orucs is an ancient god of death who thrives from people’s despair, and he accomplishes this by killing a famous person in public. Now that Sonny Shine was successfully killed and Orcus is still around, the demon is free to cause another tragedy.

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The God of Death currently resides in Nick’s body and is ready to bring more misery to the world, starting by killing his former accomplice Smoothie. With his overarching plot for the series successfully accomplished, Orcus could be up to something big that will never be revealed to viewers.

5 Is Smoothie Really Dead?

In the second season finale, Nick ends his “relationship” with Smoothie by killing him – much to the latter’s joy. But given how his rabbit eye was still twitching and the fact that certain characters have a habit of coming back from the dead, Smoothie’s mortal status could still be up for debate.

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The prospect of a possessed Nick facing off against an undead Smoothie would’ve been both morbidly fun and intriguing, but the series’ end makes sure that their rematch will never happen.

4 What Will Happen To Hailey?

With her mother in jail for manslaughter and her father out in the wild, Hailey only has Merry to rely on. Nick’s former partner in the force took Hailey in not just out of the goodness of her heart but because she may be raised as a soldier for the Blue Feather Cult.

The series ends with Hailey promising to find and protect her parents for a change, hinting that she’ll be turned into the cult’s assassin. Her interactions with the cultists is never shown, making her final destination yet another unanswered question for the series.

3 What Is Happy’s Next Move?

After suffering from a heartbreak and failing to save his partner Nick, Happy falls into a deep depression but is comforted by God. The religious deity warns Happy that things are going to get worse but gives him a bit of hope by revealing that Nick could still be saved from his demonic fate.

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It’s just too bad that this is the last time audiences get to see the happy blue horse, since the season finale cuts to Nick ripping Smoothie’s head off six months later.

2 Will Nick Sax Return?

The second season of Happy! ends on a downer, when Nick allows Orcus the God of Death to possess his body in exchange for resurrecting to exact vengeance against Smoothie. Though the sadist’s death is satisfying, it came at the cost of Nick’s humanity.

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Since Happy still lives, it’s safe to guess that Nick is also alive – imaginary friends die when their owners pass – despite being under Orcus’ influence. Now that the series has been canceled, it’s unknown if Nick will let the demon take full control or if he’ll ever break free.

1 Will The Sax Family Recover?

Despite surviving the worst that the universe threw at them, the Sax family is left in tatters by the end of the second season. With Nick possessed, Amanda in jail, and Hailey on her way to becoming an assassin for the Blue Feather Cult, the Sax family seems destined for even more suffering.

The only way to see how they bounce back from all the violence and tragedy they went through is through a hypothetical third season, which may or may not happen depending on Universal Cable Productions’ luck in shopping the series to other networks.

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