Happy! TV Show Premiere Moves Back to December

SYFY's outrageous-looking comic book adaptation Happy! will now debut on December 6th, 2017 after being moved back from its original November 29th premiere date. Christopher Meloni, Patton Oswalt, Joseph Reitman and Lili Mirojnik star in the series based on the comics by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson.

Happy! follows the misadventures of Nick Sax (Meloni), an alcoholic ex-cop who now makes his living as a hit man, as he drifts aimlessly through his miserable life numbing himself with booze, sex and casual murder. Sax's life takes an unexpected turn when one day a hit goes terribly wrong and he finds himself afterward being visited by an imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (voiced by Oswalt, replacing original choice Bobby Moynihan) who brings a new positive outlook to Sax's otherwise hopeless life.

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After initially planning to premiere Happy! on November 29th, SYFY will now debut the new series on December 6th (via EW). A teaser trailer was released back in July that previewed the show's unique looking mixture of pitch black humor and animated whimsy. According to original comic book creator Grant Morrison, the heart of the story is the idea of pairing a deeply cynical, broken man with a partner who is relentlessly, indefatigably upbeat. Making that upbeat partner be an imaginary blue winged horse with the voice of Patton Oswalt could be the master stroke that puts Happy! over the top... or makes it insufferably irritating.

Joseph Reitman (Lady in the Water) has been cast as the show's main villain, who is described as "crazy and delusional." Lili Mirojnick (Friends With Benefits) plays a homicide detective who has been forced to sacrifice her ideals to salvage her job and protect her elderly mother. The cast also includes Patrick Fischler (Mad Men), Richie Coster (Creed), Joe Perrino (Sleepers) and Zabryna Guevara (Burn Notice).

The Happy! pilot now set to debut on December 6th was directed by Brian Taylor (Crank) from a script by Taylor and original comic book author Grant Morrison. The series is executive produced by Neil Moritz, Pavun Shetty, Tobi Jaffe, Christopher Meloni and Patrick Macmanus with Macmanus acting as showrunner.

In addition to Happy!, the upcoming slate of new shows for SYFY (both short- and long-term) includes the Superman prequel Krypton from Dark Knight and Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer, the George R.R. Martin sci-fi novella adaptation Nightflyers and the '90s horror cult classic reboot Tremors starring Kevin Bacon.

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Happy! premieres on Wednesday, December 6th on SYFY.

Source: EW

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