SYFY's Happy Trailer Promises a Darkly-Funny Comic Book Adaptation

The first trailer for Syfy's adaptation of Happy! has arrived, along with plenty of blood, violence, and a tiny flying unicorn. While superhero TV shows have grown in prominence alongside the genre's rise on the big screen, more and more violent indie comics are now being turned into TV shows. With AMC's The Walking Dead leading the charge, dark and bloody comics are becoming a must for many cable networks. Preacher is also well into its second season over at AMC, and Syfy is about to up the ante with Happy! the TV series.

Based on the comic by Grant Morrison, the TV version of Happy! is just around the corner. The series stars  Christopher Meloni as a former cop turned hitman, who suffers a near-death experience while on the job. From there, he begins seeing a little unicorn named Happy (Patton Oswalt). Following the release of a pair of Happy! teaser trailers, we have a full trailer for the show that offers even more madness and mayhem

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Syfy has released the first full-length trailer for Happy! and it certainly doesn't pull any punches. Expanding on the previous teasers, the trailer explores the life of main character Nick Sax before he was shot. After shamefully leaving the police force, he spirals out of control, leading to his fateful meeting with Happy. From there, things only get worse.

Even before his brush with death and subsequent break with reality, Nick is living on the edge in Happy! the TV show. His hospitalization, however, pushes him one step too far. Once Nick starts seeing Happy, things go off the rails - giving rise to wild suicide hallucinations, lots of manic behavior in the streets, and a tease that Nick might not be completely insane.

It turns out that Happy isn't Nick's imaginary friend, but comes from the mind of a little girl who's been kidnapped. Now, Happy and Nick will have to work together to save her. There will be lots of obstacles in their way, however, from the authorities to gang members to Nick's own mind. The whole package should make for a wild comedic show.

The show is also directed and co-written by Brian Taylor, one half of the team behind the Crank series. While Syfy won't be able to hit the levels of debauchery with Happy! as the Crank movies do, it's safe to say that a similar hyper-kinetic approach to action and filmmaking will factor into this TV show. Between Morrison's source material and Taylor's past work, Happy! looks to be unlike anything else on television right now.

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Happy! premieres December 6 on Syfy.

Source: Syfy

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