Happy Halloween!

We couldn't let Halloween go by without mentioning it. It's always been one of my favorite holidays and I wish I'd taken the time to prepare a more fun post for you, but we'll just make this kind of a grab bag.

Above is the Joker Jack-O-Lantern from last year's Dark Knight viral campaign, and below are a few more odds and ends from some of our favorite sites that you might enjoy.

Google gets in the Halloween spirit with one of its customary holiday logos (designed by Wes Craven!):

Also, if you know anything about being a webmaster, you'll find the top two lines of this robots.txt file funny as hell. :-)

Spoutblog has a bunch of links to Halloween videos and other goodies.

Great White Snark has an impossibly cute dog dressed up as Wonder Woman (click on the image for a larger version):

The Movie Blog has a so funny it's scary "Thriller dance" video.

We Are Movie Geeks has an incredibly intricate Jack-O-Lantern custom made for their site.

Cinematical has started up a discussion asking "What's your favorite scary movie of all time?"

First Showing has a pic of a Joker-themed pumpkin and lists his favorite horror movies.

Geeks of Doom lists four real-life things that are creepier than Halloween (and no, it's not political).

Film Drunk has a pic of a baby costume that is as far from "cute" as you can get (can you say "twisted parents" boys and girls?).

And if you want to find horror movie trailers to get you in the mood, head over to Terror Feed.


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