Happy Gilmore 2 Updates: Will Adam Sandler Make A Sequel?

Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore

The original is one of Adam Sandler's best comedies but will Happy Gilmore 2 ever happen? Happy Gilmore was a key movie that, alongside Billy Madison, helped make Adam Sandler a leading man. The 1996 comedy featured Sandler as the title character, a failed ice hockey player who discovers an unlikely talent for golf. He uses this skill to win prize money that would help his grandmother get her house back, but first, he has to beat a jealous rival and learn to control his explosive anger.

Happy Gilmore made great use of Sandler's comic skills and featured a fantastic supporting cast, including Christopher McDonald as Gilmore's rival Shooter McGavin, Carl Weathers (Rocky I - IV) and an uncredited Ben Stiller as evil retirement home orderly Hal. The success of the film lead to bigger movies for Sandler like The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy, but Happy Gilmore is still considered one of his funniest films.

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Happy Gilmore still has a sizable cult following, but would Adam Sandler ever return for Happy Gilmore 2? Looking back on the actor's career, he's commonly avoided follow-ups. Outside of voicing Dracula in the Hotel Transylvania series and Grown Ups 2, he's always favored original material over reprising an old character.

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore

While promoting Pixels in 2015, Screen Rant asked Sandler if he would consider a Billy Madison 2 or Happy Gilmore 2. The star responded that he'd never really considered it, but while he won't rule out the possibility, he doubted a sequel to either would happen. Given his sequel allergy, that appears to be the final word on the topic.

That said, Sandler's popularity on Netflix has seen him forge a very beneficial working relationship with the streaming giant. This has allowed him to make broader, crowd-pleasing comedies like The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over, whilst exploring more personal projects like The Meyerowitz Stories: New And Selected. A potential Happy Gilmore 2 would be sure to garner a big audience on Netflix, both for those who loved the original and fans of Sandler's current output.

There's a lot of comic potential in revisiting Happy Gilmore also and seeing how his career progressed - or failed to - following the original. Surprisingly, the original movie opted to delete a scene where Stiller's Hal got his comeuppance for tormenting Happy's grandmother, where he's thrown out of a window. A sequel could correct this mistake. Unfortunately, while fans might love to see a Happy Gilmore 2, Sandler's current lack of interest in pursuing sequels makes it unlikely to happen.

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