Happy Death Day: Time Loop Clues in First Movie Explained

Happy Death Day 2 Time Loops and Ending Explained

The Universal Logo Clue Everyone Missed

As we said before, the more discerning, Theory-loving, science fiction fans may have taken an interest in the unexplained power outages seemingly striking Tree Gelbman's life at key moments. However, most viewers will probably be kicking themselves over not looking any deeper. And if that's the case, the the reveal of the second major clue is going to have them outright furious. Well, we shouldn't really call it the "second" clue at all... since it was literally the first thing that Happy Death Day audiences were shown on screen.

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Before Tree wakes up in Carter's bed, before Ryan comes bursting in, before ANY of the movie technically starts, the director reveals not just the premise of the first Happy Death Day, but its sequel, too. For those who may not remember the opening title cards, the first movie receives a custom Universal logo treatment. It begins the same, with the sun bursting out on a rotating globe, complete with the trumpeting score... only to suddenly be sucked back into darkness, start over, and repeat the motion and sound once more. Take a look at the sequence, embedded below here:

A clever joke playing on the play, death, restart, and repeat format of Tree's coming journey, right? Actually, director Chris Landon reveals to Insider that one other detail buried in that opening logo sequence is paid off in the sequel:

The second one was actually a sound in the opening credit sequence of the movie, the Universal logo. When the logo repeats itself, it makes a very big crazy sound. That's the actual device powering off [in the sequel]."

So people actually hear--it's called SISSY in the movie--the Sisyphus Quantum Cooling Reactor. That's the sound it makes when it goes off.

As unbelievable as it may seem considering the Happy Death Day franchise's leap from a comedic slasher movie to a science fiction adventure, the video above leaves no doubt. Even then, the filmmakers knew what caused Tree's time loop: not simple fate, universal mystery, or a karmic chance to prevent murder. Just plain old tampering with quantum mechanics and the fate of the universe.

The science explored in Happy Death Day 2U guarantees that the opening logos will never be seen the same way again. The same will be true of the film that follows them. It's a new level of clever winking to future audiences, making it official that Tree's day was starting with the first(?) firing of Sissy, opening the time loop into the past that she would spend the rest of the day working through, until reaching the Sissy firing the next day... starting the loop from the future to which she would try to return.

There are sure to be more nuanced theories diving into the actual theoretical, quantum physics of the now science fiction movie series, but for now, it's clear Happy Death Day fans will have plenty more rewatches ahead of them if Happy Death Day 2U is any indication.

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Source: Insider

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