Happy Death Day 2U Poster Teases A Killer Comeback

Jessica Rothe in Happy Death Day

Blumhouse unveils the first poster for Happy Death Day 2U, teasing what will surely be another massively profitable release. This weekend, horror fans can watch the first Happy Death Day sequel trailer in theaters before Halloween. However, Happy Death Day 2U’s first poster marks the beginning of the official online marketing campaign.

In October 2017, Blumhouse released Christoper B. Landon’s slasher film Happy Death Day, in which college student Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is murdered on her birthday, before discovering that she’s in a time loop, resulting in repetitive deaths and new information about her Groundhog Day-like existence. Produced for $4.8 million, Happy Death Day earned nearly $123 million at the box office and received mostly positive reviews from critics. Alongside Routhe, Israel Broussard (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) and Ruby Modine (Shameless) starred in supporting roles. And now, a sequel is on the way.

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Per Blumhouse’s official release, Happy Death Day 2U’s first poster features the ominous tagline, “Death Makes a Killer Comeback,” complemented by the masked killer holding a cupcake with the the number “2” perched above. Given the image spacing and stylized coloring, the poster has an unnerving effect, with the glove-wearing villain looming over the central visual with smoke partially covering a sly grin. For Blumhouse’s much-anticipated sequel, London will return as director, while Routhe and Broussard will reprise their roles. At this time, the plot details are still minimal; however, the trailer’s theatrical release before Halloween will undoubtedly lead to reactionary tweets throughout the weekend.

Last month, Blumhouse announced the film’s official title and release date, preceded by the May announcement of the official cast. Given the expectations for Halloween, the new poster reveal and theatrical trailer release for Happy Death 2U is especially significant, as the Michael Myers film is expected to make up to $80 million during its first weekend in theaters, thus establishing a first round of hype for London’s slasher sequel.

Furthermore, the January release of M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass — part of the Unbreakable and Split universe — will firmly establish another round of hype before Happy Death Day 2U’s wide release just weeks later. While Happy Death Day was written by Scott Lobdell, London wrote the sequel’s screenplay by himself, based on the original characters. At 96-minutes in length, Happy Death Day moved along nicely with its lively pace. With London in charge of the Happy Death Day 2U's narrative, hopefully, he’ll balance the direction with a well-structured script.

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Source: Blumhouse

Key Release Dates
  • Happy Death Day 2U (2019) release date: Feb 14, 2019
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