Does Happy Death Day 2 Have A Post-Credits Scene (& How Many)?

Babyface in Happy Death Day 2U

Should you break the loop and leave the theater or does Happy Death Day 2U have a post-credits scene? We have all the information on the film and how it sets up a sequel.

Happy Death Day 2U is a very different experience to the first movie. Whereas the 2017 hit was an out-and-out horror, a slasher mixed with Groundhog Day, its sequel is more of a sci-fi thriller, with comedy overriding genuine scares. This makes for a much more complex plot that sees Tree (Jessica Rothe) once again stuck in a birthday time loop, only this time in an alternate universe and must fight to get back home. Come Happy Death Day 2U's end, that's been achieved and the time loop looks to be finally closed. But with a third Happy Death Day promised by director Christopher Landon, does the movie set up the threequel?

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You bet it does! After a cover of "Stayin' Alive" by LizzoHappy Death Day 2U has one post-credits scene: it comes in the middle of the credits, after the first set of names. There's nothing at the very end of the credits, so after the stinger you can leave.

We won't spoil what exactly happens in Happy Death Day 2U's post-credits scene here, but you should definitely stick around for it; as Landon has already teased, there's some pretty big reveals in regards to where Happy Death Day 3 will go. The third film will be the end of a trilogy and see another unique genre twist from what came before. In addition to what's in the post-credits scene, there are several plot points in Happy Death Day 2U that are dropped and will likely be returned to.

As for when you can expect Happy Death Day 3, there's some good news. Due to the series' low-budget nature, turnaround should be quite quick. The first Happy Death Day released in October 2017, with its sequel arriving in theaters just 16 months later. Assuming the third film is greenlit soon (and box office predictions suggest it will) we could see Happy Death Day 3 as early as 2020.

Until then, keep it with Screen Rant where we'll be breaking down all the Happy Death Day 2U reveals and twists over the coming week.

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