Happy Death Day 2 May Start Filming Soon

News about a sequel to the hugely popular Blumhouse film Happy Death Day has been anticipated for some time, and recent industry listings have pointed to production possibly starting on Happy Death Day 2 within the next two months. Whilst there was plenty of focus on Get Out and Split during 2017, the witty horror film racked up plenty of positive reviews when it was released last October, and this could mark the beginning of another franchise for the production company.

Directed by Christopher B. Landon (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) and written by Scott Lobdell (Man of the House), Happy Death Day was a fun combination of self-aware slashers like Scream, mixed together with the concept of Groundhog Day. It starred Jessica Rothe as college student Theresa "Tree" Gelbman, who is brutally killed on her birthday, but finds herself resurrected and reliving the day over and over again until she identifies the killer. The film won plenty of fans due to its clever script and the winning performance by Rothe. It went on to gross $122M at the global box office against a production budget of just $4.8M, becoming another sizable hit for Blumhouse. Given the impressive profits and critical reaction, a sequel seemed to be a foregone conclusion.

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Now as reported by Bloody Disgusting, it seems that production on Happy Death Day 2 could start as early as May. The Twitter account Geek Vibes Nation spotted an apparent entry for it on the Production Weekly roundup. The details for the project gives the title as Foe Paw, but more importantly states that Landon is returning to write and direct, and that Jason Blum produces. Given that Landon has previously announced his intentions to provide a sequel, it seems highly unlikely that this is anything other than Happy Death Day 2 or whatever the final title will be. According to the listing, the production is due to start filming on May 14.

While Blumhouse and Landon have yet to make any official announcements, these type of production listings have (often, but not always) led to films being correctly identified in the past. The ending of the original film easily lends itself to a follow-up. The lead character is freed from the time-loop, but the origin of the phenomena is never explained. Rothe herself had already stated that she would be involved in the sequel, and teased that Landon had shared his ideas for the movie. She hinted that it would be a 'Back to the Future type of genre film' and that plot would begin where the first movie ended.

As the original film garnered so many fans and goodwill, hopefully the information gathered from this listing will turn out to be accurate and the sequel is indeed near to production. Given the famously quick turnaround that Blumhouse projects usually exhibit when shooting begin, a Spring start could well point to a release date that will be much sooner than later. We look forward to hearing further announcements and catching future escapades from Tree Gelbman.

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We'll bring you more details on Happy Death Day 2 when they become available.

Source: Production Weekly (via Bloody Disgusting)

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