Happy Birthday Stan Lee!

I thought it appropriate to mention it since so much of Screen Rant is dedicated to films based on characters that he's created and were such a huge influence on me as a kid. I've never met the man, but from what appearances I've caught on TV he really seems like a geniunely nice guy... the kind of person I'd love to invite over for dinner with my family and who would be great to sit around and listen to for two or three hours, telling stories of his life in the comic book biz.

I won't be getting into his entire bio (after all, this isn't an obituary), but for those of you who don't pay attention, among the characters that Stan invented (in conjunction with other various artists) are the following, which are so well known and loved today:

Fantastic Four

Incredible Hulk

Iron Man



Dr Strange

and of course The Amazing Spider-Man, in which he wrote the now famous and oft-quoted phrase:

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Happy Birthday and Excelsior Stan!!!!

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