Hans Zimmer's 10 Most Iconic Soundtracks, Ranked

Hans Zimmer has been responsible for some of the most iconic movie soundtracks of all time. Here are 10 of his best, ranked!

Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar

While it might go underappreciated by many, the importance of music within movies cannot be understated. A great film score can really take a movie to a whole new level, even without people truly noticing how much of an impact it is having.

From sound effects to ambient music or a full-on loud backing score, music just adds a totally different dynamic. When it comes to creating film soundtracks, there really is nobody better than Hans Zimmer.

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The music genius has created some of the most memorable soundtracks in the history of film. Whether it be uplifting, dramatic, or emotional, Zimmer always knows the perfect music to add to a movie and within this list, we will rank his 10 most iconic soundtracks.

10 Pirates Of The Caribbean

Everyone knows the classic theme to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, with the tune having become so iconic. Hans Zimmer collaborated with Klaus Badelt to create the music for the original movie, and he certainly did a tremendous job with it.

While some were originally critical that the soundtrack didn't have enough of a swashbuckling, classic pirate feel, those concerns were quickly silenced. The fact that anytime pirate music is used outside of this franchise it always tends to be this song proves how great it is.

The music is a perfect fit for the film. With upbeat moments throughout that sum up the fun and crazy atmosphere of the film being matched by more serious sounds for fight scenes, this is one soundtrack Zimmer got spot on.

9 The Holiday

People might instantly think of the major blockbusters that Hans Zimmer provided the soundtrack for, but he has also dabbled in the festive period. The Holiday is a brilliant Christmas movie that people will no doubt be enjoying at this time of year, and Zimmer created a brilliant soundtrack for it.

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It is very different from the type of music that he usually creates, but that isn't a bad thing at all. With a lighthearted, more upbeat feel, the music really does set the tone throughout.

Utilizing strings and pianos to perfection, the music really does blend together nicely. With Miles playing a composer in the movie, there was a distinct focus on the music in this one, and Zimmer made sure that it was up to standard.

8 The Da Vinci Code

Tom Hanks Quiz - The Da Vinci Code

While The Da Vinci Code itself was met with mixed reviews as a movie, but the soundtrack itself was always heavily praised. Being nominated for a Gold Globe Award for Best Original Score, it is clear to see that Hans Zimmer's work here was appreciated.

This was another tricky movie for Zimmer to get right with the soundtrack. Having to focus on the religious aspects of the film itself allowed Zimmer to really work with organs, and orchestras to provide the classic cathedral feeling.

Blending the religious music with his own spin, in order to make it work in a movie environment was his next task. But Zimmer certainly stepped up and achieved his goals here, masterfully creating a tremendous soundtrack.

7 The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise is The Last Samurai

Hans Zimmer captures the culture of The Las Samurai in a way in which nobody else would have been able to. While the score is quite depressing and downbeat, that is the way the movie dictates it to be, and Zimmer does that very well.

Blending Japanese cultural music in with a high-paced action score when the film needs it, this soundtrack has everything. He creates a truly emotional piece of music for this film which matches the demise of the Samurai way that is told throughout.

6 True Romance

As this list has highlighted, Hans Zimmer has been able to create amazing soundtracks for countless different genres of film during his career. His soundtrack for True Romance is yet more proof of that, creating music for the romantic comedy that once again suited the film incredibly.

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His ability to blend his work for different genres is the reason why many consider him to be the best composer of all time. This film once again uses Zimmer's classic orchestral sounds but also brings in a rock and roll vibe at times.

Having synthesizers and electronic drums chiming in throughout the film, this movie really does bring out the best of Zimmer in what is an amazing score.

5 Inception

Inception is an incredibly complex movie, and therefore creating a solid soundtrack for this was always going to be difficult.

Songs like "Mombasa" and "Dream is Collapsing" are ones that people will often listen to still to this day. The reason being is that they are simply perfect pieces of music individually. But when added to the action and suspense of Inception, things get taken to a new level.

"Time," is another incredible piece of music from the movie. Having a song that instantly makes you feel tense and suspenseful isn't an easy thing to do, but somehow Zimmer managed it. Never truly ending either, this bit of music only adds to the confusion that comes with the ending of the film.

4 The Lion King

What do you get when you combine the musical brains of Hans Zimmer and Elton John? An absolutely perfect movie soundtrack, it would appear. The soundtrack to The Lion King is one of the best out there, which is one of the reasons it became one of Disney's most popular films.

The composer actually won his first Oscar for his work on this animated movie, highlighting just how highly it is regarded. Blending classic African music with the songs and sounds of an animated movie was done so well that it just felt natural.

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Piping in cultural African music could have been an odd mix alongside the classic Disney sing-a-long style. But it only enhanced the film even more.

3 The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is often considered to be the greatest superhero movie of all time, and Hans Zimmer's soundtrack is a big part in that. The music is blared out throughout the film and really sets the dark tone, picking up the pace when needed to enhance the atmosphere.

With a mixture of both orchestral and electronic music, Zimmer blends two very different genres together. Because the film is so serious, the music has to match that and Zimmer ensured that it did.

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Zimmer did admit that this was one of the toughest projects he ever worked on, and it is clear to see why. With a unique story and setting for the film, it is no surprise that it wasn't easy, but he certainly excelled in creating it.

2 Interstellar

The soundtrack for Interstellar is so incredibly powerful it really does blow you away. One of Hans Zimmer's most recent pieces of music, he really went above and beyond to provide a soundtrack that worked perfectly for this film.

When seeing it at the theatres, the soundtrack was so loud that it engulfed audiences, which is exactly what was needed. Creating music for science fiction movies can be very tricky, as it is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of doing the classic sci-fi sounds.

However, Zimmer went totally against that here, bringing in 34 strings, four pianos, a choir, and 24 woodwinds. On top of that was the main instrument used, which was the organ, that provided the real basis to the film.

1 Gladiator

When it comes to Hans Zimmer's music, the most well-known soundtrack that he has ever created is for Gladiator. This epic movie needed epic music to be behind it and thankfully that is exactly what Zimmer provided for the film.

Whether it is the song, 'Elysium' or the breathtaking 'Honour Him,' Zimmer made several amazing tracks that just made this film feel even more epic than it already is. There is a reason the movie has gone down in history as one of the greatest, and the music is a big part of it.

When people think of Zimmer, this is the music that instantly comes to mind. While he has created some amazing soundtracks over the course of his career, Gladiator is what will be his most iconic.

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