Hans Zimmer Open To Scoring Another Superhero Movie

Hans Zimmer in studio

Hans Zimmer is one of the more prolific composers working in Hollywood today, known for his epic scores for several of this era's top blockbusters. Over the years, Zimmer has formed a strong collaboration with director Christopher Nolan, writing music for all three installments of Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, as well as the Nolan-produced Man of Steel. Zimmer also teamed up with Junkie XL last year for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, helping the DC Extended Universe expand.

Simply put, the Oscar winner has spent a lot of time in the superhero genre, and though many viewers enjoy Zimmer's cues, he has been looking for a change of pace. Last year, shortly after the premiere of Batman V Superman, Zimmer announced that he was stepping away from comic book movies, admitting that it was "very hard" for him to "find new language" and got worn out in the process. Now, however, his tune has changed a bit, as Zimmer's retirement could possibly be temporary depending on what comes across his desk.

In an interview with The West Australian (hat tip Comic Book), Zimmer addressed his future with superheroes, teasing that he's open to coming back should he be pitched the right idea:

“It’s true, until somebody comes along with a great idea.”

Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer Collaborate
Hans Zimmer with Christopher Nolan

Zimmer once again mentioned that doing two versions of Batman in such close proximity was what pushed him down this path, remarking, "How many people have to go write two Batman themes in their lifetime? I needed a break from it." While it sounds like Zimmer is done with the world of Bruce Wayne for the foreseeable future, he has not closed the door on superheroes entirely. If he was presented with the opportunity to tackle something new and fresh, Zimmer would most likely take it. One possibility within the comic book genre could be Deadpool 2. Junkie XL left the project following director Tim Miller's departure, and a replacement has not been found yet. The Deadpool property has quickly become acclaimed for its gleeful sense of irreverence and send-up of various tropes, so Wade Wilson would provide Zimmer with a new challenge with the potential to be a lot of fun.

Fans of the composer will no doubt be pleased to hear these comments, and hopefully Zimmer's return to the realm of capes and tights comes sooner rather than later. Throughout his career, he has displayed a knack for crafting memorable scores that truly complement the action on-screen - including Wonder Woman's now-iconic main theme. Zimmer's immediate future sees him reunite with Nolan on the World War II drama Dunkirk, but he's such a strong fit for studio tentpoles, chances are he'll be scoring the music for one of the several superhero films on the horizon one day. He's made a tremendous impact on the genre, and it's difficult to think of DC's filmography without recalling his work.

Source: The West Australian (via Comic Book)

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