'Hannibal' Cast Adds Zachary Quinto for Season 3

Zachary Quinto in The Slap

NBC's harrowing but hypnotic serial killer drama Hannibal is currently gearing up for a third season that will introduce several new characters lifted from the pages of Thomas Harris' book series. Richard Armitage is set to play Francis Dolarhyde (A.K.A the Tooth Fairy), Nina Arianda will play Will's new love interest Molly, and Tao Okamoto will be joining the show as the servant to Hannibal's aunt, Lady Murasaki.

Season 2 of Hannibal concluded with a torturous cliffhanger ending in which several characters' lives hung in the balance. Obviously, Will Graham survives, as evidenced by the season 3 trailer in which he goes on the hunt for Hannibal. However, given showrunner Bryan Fuller's willingness to deviate from the plot of the books, nothing should be taken for granted - and no one is safe.

Among the casting reshuffles is Gillian Anderson's upgrade from recurring guest star to series regular; and now, EW reports that Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) wil be guest starring in at least one episode of the show as a patient of Anderson's character, Dr. Bedelia du Maurier. Given Bedelia's poor luck with patients it's possible that Quinto's character could also be a serial killer; he certainly got in plenty of practice playing villains in Heroes and American Horror Story.

Quinto is currently starring in another NBC show, The Slap, in which he plays a man who finds himself targeted by outraged parents after hitting their child at a barbecue. He's also playing a key role in upcoming video game adaptation Hitman: Agent 47 and is currently filming Oliver Stone's true-life drama Snowden, in which Quinto plays journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Hannibal season 3 trailer

Each season of Hannibal has a new dynamic. In the first season Will Graham and the FBI were hunting for the Chesapeake Ripper, ostensibly with Hannibal Lecter's help; in the second season Will had to prove his own innocence and find enough evidence to convince the FBI of Hannibal's guilt; and now, moving into the third season, both Will and the FBI are aware of what Hannibal really is and must try to hunt him down before too many more bodies pile up.

Fuller has said that the third season will mash together elements of all the different books (with the exception of The Silence of the Lambs) but will mainly focus on events and characters from Hannibal and Hannibal Rising. Apparently there will be significant changes made to Hannibal's origin story, but where will Quinto fit into it all?

Hannibal season three will premiere on NBC in Summer 2015.

Source: EW

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