Bryan Fuller: 'Hannibal' Could Be Renewed as a Feature Film

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The SDCC panel for Hannibal has come and gone, and sadly, fans did not get a definitive answer to whether the cannibalistic adventures of everyone's favorite psychopathic psychiatrist will find a home beyond NBC. However, series creator Bryan Fuller still hasn't lost hope, and he continues to stress that "fannibals" shouldn't either.

In fact, Fuller suggested during the panel that one of the possibilities he and Hannibal's producers are exploring is a feature film continuation of the good doctor's bloody exploits. Of course, that's if Hannibal can't ultimately find a new televised or streaming home.

In a statement given to EW earlier today, Fuller says that while he sees Hannibal's third season finale as a fitting possible end to the series, he also sees it as an opportunity to launch a "new version" of the story.

What exactly that would mean is obviously very much up in the air at this point, as Fuller admits to having no idea where or if Hannibal will continue on. If Hannibal makes the jump to the movie realm, the script would need to be constructed with a much more brisk pace than fans are used to, as telling a fully fleshed out story is much easier when you have an entire season to work with. A Hannibal film likely wouldn't have the freedom to indulge in artistic nuances that many fans enjoyed so much in the series either.

Also, it's hard to imagine a major studio wanting to tackle a Hannibal movie, much less give it a theatrical release. After all, Hannibal is the definition of a cult show, and it had the ratings to match. Drawing a few million viewers a week doesn't bode well for the return on a theatrical investment.

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Another factor to consider: the shadow of Anthony Hopkins' legendary portrayal of Dr. Lecter still looms large, and any attempt to bring Thomas Harris' world to the big screen will instantly draw comparisons to Oscar-winning classic The Silence of the Lambs. Thus, if a Hannibal movie is made, it's hard to imagine that studios would produce and promote a wide theatrical release. For that reason, a crowd-funded project, released via streaming or direct to home video release could help provide fans with a bit more closure - but, at this point, there's nothing but Fuller's enthusiasm to indicate that a movie is a real possibility. Still, it's hard to imagine there's a "fannibal" alive that wouldn't welcome any type of continuation with open arms.

In another interesting bit of news to come out of the Hannibal panel, Fuller confirmed that there will be a three year time jump between episodes 7 and 8. This isn't too surprising, as it's been known for awhile now that the second half of season three would be devoted to the Red Dragon arc. That said, jumping that far into the future certainly creates an intriguing array of possibilities for character evolution - and changes to the established show format. Will all of the principal characters even make it to Red Dragon? Or will the diabolical Mason Verger take others down with him?

Sources: Variety & EW

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