The Hannibal Revival May Be Closer Than Previously Thought


The Hannibal revival may be closer than previously thought. That would sure please hardcore fans of the series, self-dubbed Fannibals. When originally announced, the idea of trying to translate Hannibal Lecter's cannibalistic adventures to TV was met with skepticism by many, especially considering how iconic Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of the character on film has become. Thankfully, series creator Bryan Fuller knew what he was doing, and Hannibal garnered some serious critical acclaim.

Unfortunately, critical raves and a loyal cult audience never translated to high ratings, and NBC dropped the cancellation ax in summer 2015. Fuller has always been upfront about the fact that he wanted to one day bring Hannibal back, and the cast has also publicly expressed a desire to return should a revival ever happen. Fuller had said that due to legal reasons, talks about a Hannibal season 4 couldn't begin until two years after the final episode aired on NBC, and that date recently arrived.

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Fans were of course quick to ask Fuller on social media for an update, and he in turn confirmed that initial talks to revive Hannibal had begun. Now, a teasing tweet made by Hannibal producer Martha De Laurentiis seems to suggest that things are progressing quicker than most had thought they would. The tweet includes an image of De Laurentiis and Fuller together, along with a doll of Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal. Check it out below:

Meeting of the minds @BryanFuller #Fannibals

— Martha De Laurentiis (@neoprod) August 13, 2017

While the above tweet doesn't necessarily mean a revival of Hannibal is imminent, it does show that Fuller and company want to make sure visions of more Hannibal keep dancing through fans' heads, perhaps in an effort to keep the fan base riled up for when negotiations with a new broadcaster begin.

Should a Hannibal season 4 happen, Fuller has previously revealed that he'd like to retell the Silence of the Lambs story, but fit it organically within the established Hannibal world. Clearly, this means that Will Graham would be given a major role in the Silence story, one he doesn't have in the book or film. It still remains to be seen whether Fuller and De Laurentiis can acquire the rights to the Clarice Starling character, who has long been under the domain of MGM. Hopefully, Fuller continues to keep fans updated as talks progress.

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Source: Martha De Laurentiis

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