NBC's 'Hannibal' Storyline & Character Details Revealed

Story elements and character details have emerged regarding Bryan Fuller's upcoming NBC prequel series 'Hannibal.' Read on to find out how the series plans to start things off.

It's safe to say that as the cast for Bryan Fuller's forthcoming Hannibal series grows, so does interest and speculation as to what this retelling of some of Thomas Harris' most famed creations will actually consist of. So far, only a few base descriptions of the characters have popped up online, in addition to Fuller talking about his long-term plans for the series.

Now, thanks to Moviehole, a far more detailed description of the series' pilot exists and it features a rather unique take on one of the main characters.

(WARNING! This article may contain SPOILERS for NBC's Hannibal series. Read on at your own risk.)

For anyone who has kept up to date on Fuller's concept for the Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane, there was no question that the prospect of him working with other well-established characters such as Hannibal Lecter would also factor in some change. Already, Fuller has swapped the gender of Dr. Alan Bloom to Alana "Al" Bloom, while tabloid journalist Freddy Lounds is now the tabloid blogger Fredricka, but according to the new details on the series, the personality of the main protagonist, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), has undergone a drastic reimagining.

Instead of the confident, determined investigator Graham appeared to be in films like Michael Mann's Manhunter (where the character was portrayed by William Petersen) and Brett Ratner's Red Dragon (with Edward Norton in the role), Fuller's version of Graham sees him as something of a social outcast, filled to the brim with peculiarities, yet seemingly aware he is struggling with a potential disorder. Apparently, Graham remarks at one point that he may have even Aspergers syndrome. In fact, when the series starts, Graham reportedly is no longer a field agent, due to the complexities of his condition, and has settled into life as an educator - but he is soon called into the field once more.

Despite the fact that Graham's capabilities are considered the last hope in tracking down the killer known as the "Minnesota Shrike," Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) believes additional help is required. At the recommendation of Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas), Crawford brings in Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) to assist Graham. Much to Graham's dismay, Lecter is just as interested in uncovering what makes his new partner tick as he is the "Minnesota Shrike."

Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton in Red Dragon

According to Moviehole, the Hannibal pilot is filled with "juicy dialogue and [an] intriguing mix of characters" - the highlight of which appears to be the interplay between Graham and Lecter (who tend to be paired in situations that afford the latter plenty of opportunities to agitate and psychoanalyze the former, unfortunately for Graham). In addition to hounding Graham, Hannibal is already up to no good, stealing away on occasion to engage in the pastime that will eventually make him infamous.

From the description, Fuller's prequel series seems to be incorporating plenty of aspects from Thomas Harris' novels, as well as a different take on the characters that have become so well known through the various films in the series. While the idea of yet another murder-of-the-week-style program is not exactly a high priority, Hannibal may yet prove to be a distinct pleasure amongst the many variations already out there. Besides, with just 13 episodes in the first season, there can't be too much room for throwaway episodes, which should help trim the fat and keep the series' main storyline interesting.

Hannibal is set to be a midseason replacement on NBC. Screen Rant will keep you posted as to when it may air.


Source: Moviehole

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