Bryan Fuller Still Hasn't Given Up on Trying to Make a Hannibal Season 4

Producer Bryan Fuller still hasn't given up on making season 4 of Hannibal. The franchise revolving around the fictional cannibalistic serial killer started in the early '80s when Thomas Harris released the book Red Dragon. Over the years Harris released three more books in the Hannibal series, and the character has even made it into several movies, with the likes of Brian Cox, Anthony Hopkins, and Gaspard Ulliel playing the titular character.

In 2013, Hannibal was brought to the small screen with Mads Mikkelsen playing Hannibal and Hugh Dancy playing the FBI Special Investigator Will Graham. The show aired on NBC and did quite well with fans and critics; however, the show's declining ratings caused Hannibal to be cancelled in 2015 after three seasons. Soon after the show was cancelled, Fuller explained that he was looking to move Hannibal to Amazon or Netflix, but unfortunately neither streaming service picked up the show. At one point, it was even thought Hannibal might continue as a movie instead of a fourth season. It's been nearly four years since the show was cancelled, but Fuller hasn't given up yet.

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Replying to a fan on Twitter, Fuller made it clear that he was still trying to get Hannibal season 4 greenlit. After the season 2 finale of the BBC show Killing Eve, a fan tweeted at Fuller to see if there had been any progress made on season 4 of Hannibal since the last time he updated fans. Fuller explained that the show's cast and fellow producer Martha De Laurentiis still wanted to continue the series, but they were still waiting for someone to pick up the show. Fuller's full post can be read below:

Season 3 left the door open to continue the series and Fuller certainly has ideas for season 4. Fuller previously revealed that season 4 of Hannibal would "reinvent" the show. Fuller even teased that season 4 could include a Silence of the Lambs storyline and said he would have liked to cast Lee Pace as Buffalo Bill. The cast of the show, specifically Dancy and Mikkelsen, seem to be keen on reviving the show as well, with Dancy explaining that Hannibal season 4 would have been a "complete restart".

Despite Fuller getting fans excited with insight for his vision of Hannibal season 4, fans have yet to get any concrete details about the show being picked back up. With the huge fanbase Hannibal has gathered since 2013, it is kind of surprising that the series has yet to be picked up by one of the big streaming services. Hannibal got away with a lot of gore for being on NBC, so fans can only imagine what they would be in store for if the show moved to a premium network like HBO or Showtime. Needless to say, fans should stay optimistic since Fuller's passion for Hannibal is clearly still there.

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