[WARNING: This post will contain spoilers for Hannibal Seasons 1 – 2, and may contain MILD spoilers for season 3.]

NBC is finally getting ready to bring back Hannibal for its third season in just a few weeks. Fans of the series have been chomping at the bit to find out what happened following the shocking events that concluded the second season last year, and it looks like they might be getting even more than they might have hoped for. Love is in the air this time around for Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and if one thing’s for sure – that means there’s even more blood on the floor and brains on the plate.

As season 3 begins, fans will get to see Hannibal and his wife / fellow psychiatrist, Bedelia du Maurier (Gillian Anderson, promoted to series regular for the first time) on the run in Europe, following the exposure of Dr. Lecter’s past crimes and unpleasant eating habits. NBC has released a new Hannibal season 3 promo (see above), focusing heavily on the relationship dynamic between Lecter and Maurier. If there any die-hard Fannibals who also happen to love The Turtles – then this one’s for you.

Creator Bryan Fuller also revealed a new poster for the season, again focusing on Hannibal’s bride. It’s classiness and black and white, vignette filter are a great contrast to the actual tone of the series.  Check out the tweet below:

A Korean promo for the season has also managed to find its way online – and while it features flashes of characters it also focuses heavily on symbolism, as a tear of blood falls from Will’s eye and Hannibal speeds through a broken highway filled with murder weapons and familiar faces on his motorcycle. Hannibal would be half-complete if it only featured its title character, and fans can most likely expect to see Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and psychotic doctor clashing at some point in the season:

Now, this next part runs into some possible spoiler territory for even those who is up to date on the series, as a new image set featuring members of the cast this season may reveal who survived the bloodbath that concluded the season 2 finale. Check out the images on the NEXT PAGE.

NEXT PAGE: Hannibal Season 3 Character Posters (SPOILERS!!!)

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