'Hannibal': Bryan Fuller and Steve Lightfoot Talk Season 3 In New Video

[Warning: This video and article contain SPOILERS for Hannibal season 3.]


Tonight’s the night… which is what Dexter would totally be saying if he were around to watch the premiere of the best serial killer show ever, Hannibal. Following the most insane of insane season finales, the NBC drama returns tonight for a whole new season of blood, artistry and fine dining.

To get viewers excited, NBC put together a new, extended and spoiler-filled interview about what to expect from the show’s third season with executive producers Bryan Fuller and Steve Lightfoot. Needless to say, continue reading at your own risk.

 "Hannibal is out in the wild, and in Italy, and he’s living the life that we've always wanted him to live... one where he’s killing openly [and] eating openly..."

This is how Fuller opens the interview concerning where we see the famed killer at the start of the season. It’s going to be really interesting to watch Hannibal be an active serial killer unconcerned with capture. In the past, he’s always been extremely confident, but he was also very careful about how he dealt with his victims. This time around, he’s bolder and almost cocky in his method. It’s a rather fascinating evolution in his personality.

"The whole point of the finale was to get into Hannibal's shoes and really see him as a person that could have his heart broken… Will Graham broke his heart."

Fuller goes on to explain that the show has always been about humanizing Hannibal in a way the books and films never really did. He wants the audience to have empathy for the killer and his madness. In part, it also explains why the show feels so disconnected from reality in terms of its visual style. The last thing the creative team would want to do is make light of what Hannibal’s doing, and one of the few ways to do that, while also being entertaining, is to make the gore and imagery just fantastical enough to distance it from the horrific nature of its true self – much like Hannibal and Will do in the show.

"The first seven [episodes] is Hannibal on the run, and we end it, obviously, with Hannibal in custody… and then we do a pretty bold thing which is, we jump forward three years… and it’s the Dolarhyde murders that bring everyone back into the fold."

Finally, this quote comes from Lightfoot and really explains a lot about the boldness of the upcoming season. Originally, Fuller had stated in the past he planned on adapting the Red Dragon novel in season four, but it seems now he’s realized there isn’t a full season of having Hannibal on the run.

It doesn’t seem like much of a spoiler for him to say Hannibal will be caught in the seventh episode when we always knew that’s where things were headed, either. The show is about watching the dynamic of Will and Hannibal interact, not about the wonder of whether or not Hannibal will be brought into custody. So, knowing that’s where things are going to end up at the mid-way point of the season only makes us that much more excited to see it.

Hannibal premieres tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

Source: NBC

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