10 Quotes From Hannah Montana That Are Still Hilarious Today

Hannah Montana premiered in 2006, taking the world by storm and rocketing a young Miley Cyrus to fame overnight. It had an array of characters of all different personalities that shared great chemistry with one another. As per most Disney shows, especially for the 2000s, there were always unbelievable storylines, yet they always made us laugh. Miley would often find herself caught between her two worlds as a normal teenager by day and famous pop star by night, but always learned lessons from her family, her friends, her fans, or herself. Hannah Montana had plenty of funny moments, so here are 10 quotes that are still hilarious today.

10 "Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days."

Granted, these are song lyrics to one of Hannah Montana's songs, "Nobody's Perfect," but we couldn't resist adding it to the list. It's the truth. Hannah has an upbeat pop song to support this universal truth--who doesn't hear these lyrics in their head whenever someone simply says "everybody makes mistakes?" You can be hard on yourself and beat yourself up, or you can remember Hannah's words and just keep moving on. As long as you try and you're genuine, that's all you can do. Making mistakes is a part of life, it's unavoidable. You can make up for them as best you can, you can learn from them--but don't torture yourself over it.

9 "Lulu's like a lot of older California women, she's having some work done on her neck."

Miley's real-life dad Billy Ray Cyrus played her dad on the show, and he had a good line here and there, such as this one. For a Disney show to make fun of societal standards was a bit off-color but still funny.

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One of the themes of the show was life in Tennessee versus life in California, as Miley's family is from there and don't always understand the ways of Californians. Culture clashes made for a good bit of the show's humor, and this quote is a good example of that.

8 "I'll call it International House of Reasonably Priced Water, and Fries, and Stuff...IHORPWAFAS!"

Jackson And Rico In Hannah Montana

Jackson was the goofiest character on Hannah Montana but we still loved him. This is one of his funniest quotes, honestly, because everything is so expensive nowadays. This would totally catch on, if only because IHORPWAFAS would be so incredibly fun to say! He was saying this to spite Rico, his selfish boss, but he had a logical point. Why have a business if no one can afford your services? Jackson may have struck genius with this idea.

7 "Not buying it face."

Sometimes Robby could be strict with his kids, Jackson and Miley. When Robby won't let Miley go out on a date with a ninth-grader, she gives him a sad face and he points to his own, calling it his "not-buying-it-face."

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While Miley was annoyed, we had to appreciate the humor of it. Every parent says no to something we really, really want to do every so often--probably more often than we'd like. It's funny because it's relatable. Until the end of time, parents will say 'no' to something. Robby's got a good quote for it, so no doubt a few parents have used it since as their own.

6 "Miley like a puma!"

In "Schooly Bully," Miley finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place when she tries to befriend new kid "The Cracker"--only to end up as The Cracker's primary target for bullying. Not wanting to turn her in to the principal, but also fearing for her safety, Miley tries standing up to the bully with a threatening "Miley like a puma!" to get The Cracker to stand down--only Miley's not scary or intimidating enough to pull it off, so she winds up with a new hairstyle courtesy of The Cracker. She eventually finds a way to solve her problem, but it's not without learning a lesson, as per Disney standards. It's funny because it's making a bad and universally relatable situation more lighthearted--we all want to be able to stand up to bullies, but not have your classmates look down on you because you told on the bully by going to an adult. Very few of us are like pumas, but we can certainly run like them alongside Miley.

5 "Oommm, it doesn't matter if he doesn't like me...oommm, whatever happens is for the best...ooom, I can always get a cat..."

Hannah Montana - Hannah and Lilly

Lilly says these things as she meditates on the beach, trying to calm herself before she's suddenly interrupted. Relationship problems have always been in existence, especially that initial relationship fear that the person you like may not like you back.

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It's a complicated conspiracy, really. It's not likely Lilly would ever become a cat lady, especially considering her relationship with Oliver. She's right, though: whatever happens is for the best. It's hilarious--and oddly tempting--to use meditation as a means of relationship therapy.

4 "I'm a teenager. We act without thinking and we get zits. It's what we do."

Miley couldn't be more right about teenagers. She explains it in a way that makes it sound like it's no big shock--and it isn't. It's expected. Teenagers do stupid things and they get zits. It's just not fair. Plus, their parents or guardians usually make sure they learn their lessons from whatever they've done--it's just a given. Being a teenager is hard enough; they're trying to figure out who they are, navigate high school in one piece, and figure out their futures. Acting without thinking sometimes just tends to be part of the package deal.

3 "I don't wanna leave my bed. My bed is my friend. It gives me warm blanket hugs."

If ever there was a more hilariously relatable quote, this would be it. Who doesn't want to get out of bed? Life is hard, bed is like a sanctuary. You get to sleep off whatever travesties or hardships or exhausting tasks you've had to do throughout the day.

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You can Netflix, read books, play a game on your phone, whatever. Your bed is your safe space. Miley gets that with this quote.

2 "My very first credit card. Today, I am a woman!"

When Robby entrusts Miley and Jackson with their first credit cards, this is her reaction. Of course, Miley takes advantage of it and has to learn the hard way what it really means to own a credit card--debt and all. Still, her reaction to getting her first credit card is priceless. It makes us all feel a little more grown-up when we get credit cards, drivers licenses, etcetera. It means freedom, but that freedom only extends so far as there is great responsibility in keeping up with finances and driving safe out on the road. We just don't necessarily consider that at first.

1 "Sweet niblets!"

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

If there was any catchphrase you'd remember from this show, it's definitely this one. Pretty much every character on the show says this at one time or another, usually when something doesn't work out or they've been caught red-handed. It's a cute and funny exclamation that reminds many of us of our nostalgic childhoods, especially if you were glued to the chair watching Disney Channel day-in and day-out. Any fan of the show has copied this expression--who's to say it couldn't catch on again? It's still perfectly hilarious.

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