Hannah Brown Previews Luke Parker Sex-Shaming Incident on Next Bachelorette Episode

Luke Parker in the Bachelorette

Bachelorette star Hannah Brown opened up about contestant Luke Parker infamously sex-shaming her in a recent preview for the upcoming episode. Now, the Bachelorette star has given fans more details about how she felt that night with Parker. Fans will see if this is the final straw for Brown, after giving him multiple second chances.

Parker is one of the contestants that has made big moves and a solid first impression with Brown. Parker, who isn't afraid at all to share his opinions, has landed him a reputation with fans and who think his behavior and comments are obnoxious. The rest of the men in the house also don’t seem to be fans either, calling him out for being overly aggressive and causing drama for no reason. Parker recently made an arrogant comment after not receiving a rose from Brown, specifically: he believes everywhere he goes, people love him. Even the host of the show, Chris Harrison, has referred to Parker as a season "villain." It seems like although he had a strong initial connection with Brown, she is now standing up to him regarding his offensive comments.

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In the preview clip for the upcoming episode of Bachelorette, Parker says he would want to go home if Brown had sex with any of the other men on the show. That's when Brown tells him off and, fans are speculating that she likely sends him home. "So let's talk about sex, and how the marriage bed should be kept pure," Parker can be seen saying in the preview. "And let's say that you've had sex with one or multiple of these guys. I'd be wanting to go home." Brown is obviously hurt and offended by Parker's comments, telling him, "Oh my god, I cannot believe you just said that. I'm so mad. I don't owe you husband would never say what you just said to me." 

Brown who has been very open about her Christian beliefs said on her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight"My faith, that is a big huge part of me, and a lot of times people get Christianity and religion messed up. Because your faith should be something personal in a relationship and it's not to judge others." She was then asked if she felt judged by Parker's comments. Brown felt judged, like Parker put a scarlet letter on her: "'I've had sex and Jesus still loves me' is probably one of the most dramatic moments [of the season]," referring to a comment she makes to Parker.

She hopes Parker  who was already on thin ice with her after he'd caused fights in the house and was unable to communicate his feelings  finally got the message. Brown told ET. "To ever have anybody make me feel that way, it's a little messed up and I'm not going to stand for that." It looks like Brown might be regretting giving Parker so many second chances on the show.

Bachelorette Hannah Brown

Judging by the preview, Parker will make it as far as the Fantasy Suites, during which the Bachelorette star has the option of spending the night with any or all of her final three suitors. However, given Brown's latest comments, it doesn't seem like Parker makes it much further than that. Brown makes it clear she's not going to let anyone judge her, which is made evident in the new clip, in which she's seen flipping off a car driving away into the night which is - presumably - aimed at Parker.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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