Video Interview: Joe Wright & Saoirse Ronan Talk 'Hanna'

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This weekend, at WonderCon in San Francisco, director Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride and Prejudice) and his young muse Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, The Lovely Bones) hosted a panel about their upcoming coming-of-age (if "of-age" means bloodthirsty killer) thriller, Hanna.

Raised in the wilds of Finland by her ex-CIA father, the title character, Hanna (Ronan), is a young girl who grows up removed from all of the elements of modern culture. She has lived and trained her entire life with a singular, chilling purpose -- to become the perfect assassin. With elements of a dark fairytale, Hanna explores the terrain of morality, humanity, love, loyalty and self-actualization.

We were able to speak with Wright and Ronan in select press roundtable interviews at the event, and have provided video of our coverage below. During the interview Wright spoke about the marketing challenges inherent in a film like Hanna, his discomfort with the idea of working within a framework as rigidly defined as "genre," and approaching an action sequence as if it were a dance.

Saoirse Ronan gave insight on her experience training for the martial-arts-meets-street-fighting style in Hanna; viewing the film as a "messed-up, true Grimm's fairy tale";  her potential role in The Hobbit; hiring Joe Wright to direct the film; and her dislike of the industry's habit of "sexing-up" young women in film.

You will likely note the odd vertical frame of the video provided. We would love to tell you that this was a creative decision on the part of the cinematographer (myself) to help provide the claustrophobic, locked-in feel that the character is experiencing in Hanna. The reality, however, is that when we realized we would be able to film the interviews we grabbed the only device available with which to do so - an iPod - and thus we present the most interestingly framed video coverage you will see from WonderCon -- enjoy!

Interview with Hanna director Joe Wright:


Interview with Hanna star Saoirse Ronan Pt. 1:


Interview with Hanna star Saoirse Ronan Pt 2:


Hanna opens in theaters this Friday, April 8th

Joe Wright directs a cast that includes: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hollander, Olivia Williams, and Jason Flemyng.

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