Which Hannah Montana Song Are You Based On Your MBTI®?

Hannah Montana is an iconic character of the 2000s Disney crew. Played by Miley Cyrus, Hannah was just a normal girl who secretly doubled as a pop star. The show became a huge hit, what with the catchy songs and hilarious scenes between her and her real-life father Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley recently dyed her hair blonde to look like her former role, bringing back a lot of nostalgic memories for fans of the show.

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We have redownloaded her albums to our phones all these years later, resulting in us to falling in love with her all over again. Ten of her songs match a specific MBTI®. Keep reading to find out which popular Hannah Montana song matches yours!

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10 ENTP - The Best of Both Worlds

This song was played at the opening of every show and represents a typical ENFP. ENFPs are energetic and enthusiastic, like Hannah Montana as she jumps and runs around the stage, enthralling the crowd with her awesomeness. She clearly communicates facts about her strange double life, sharing her unique story through a meaningful song. ENFPs catch onto this as they listen, craving their own independence as their free-spirited nature demands. They understand how the mass popularity that comes with being Hannah Montana can be overwhelming despite loving the spotlight themselves.

9 ISTP - The Other Side of Me

ISTPs relate to this song as its optimism and energy speak to their souls. She states how she is "calm and collected," as any ISTP is when there is a crisis happening. Hannah Montana wants everyone to see her other side or the side of her that appreciates spontaneity. ISTPs are the same way as they mold to different situations with their versatile nature.

She keeps part of her persona hidden from the world's eyes because she prefers her actual life to remain private, and ISTPs understand this way of thinking. ISTPs can be hard to get to know because they prefer silence to sharing details about themselves. She wants other people to know who she really is, but she also sees how that is just a dream, and not a practical way of thinking. ISTPs add imagination to practical life situations and objects, tinkering with them until they fit their needs.

8 INFP - If We Were A Movie

This song is like an INFP because of the idealistic nature it represents as it discusses what it would be like if she and the guy went on a date together. She sees it as a positive experience filled with sunsets and laughter. INFPs are optimistic, with a belief that everyone has good intentions and they are admired for this trait. She is creative in her description of the date and how he makes her feel, which INFPs can relate to, as her tears over him win her an Oscar. INFPs are just as creative as they combine several different visions into a single masterpiece, adding dimensions others may not have thought of.

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Hannah takes it personally when this guy continually refuses to see what is right in front of him, but her optimistic nature has her holding onto the dream of them eventually ending up together. INFPs are passionate like Hannah, dedicating their time and emotional well-being to a specific cause.

7 ESTP - Nobody's Perfect

ESTPs relate to this song's willingness of Hannah to learn from her mistakes, as they are prone to taking risks without thinking about future consequences. Hannah continues to come up with schemes and, despite her intentions, they don't always turn out as planned. This song is bold, as she makes plans and continues to mess up until she gets it right. An ESTP is similar in their unlimited energy reserve as they discover new things every day through their ventures. ESTPs are like Hannah in this song, as they direct regarding their feelings, communicating them with clear facts and zero mind games. ESTPs are sociable creatures who enjoy the many facets of networking with others, choosing to be a leader rather than a follower. This song portrays that as she leads others on their own path to understanding that everyone makes mistakes.

6 ESTP - Rock Star

This song matches the personality of any ESFP, as Hannah's drive to put on a phenomenal show is communicated to her audience. ESFPs are your party throwers who stop at nothing, even completing the night with a brand new outfit. Hanna does everything to impress a boy, from walking faster to trying to dress a little better, and ESFPs can relate. They will do anything to put themselves in the spotlight as they push the boundaries of social norms in their pursuit to start new trends. Hannah proclaims herself to be unusual compared to the rest of the population and ESFPs strive to be as different as she is, standing apart from the crowd as she boldly proclaims she is indeed a rock star. ESFPs don't hold back either, as they take the step outside of their comfort zone to become something new and different.

5 INFJ - He Could Be The One

INFJs can relate to this song as she gets to the root of who she should be with. She tries to determine long-term who she could see beside her, as any INFJ would do. INFJs are determined when supplied with a problem, especially as they become emotionally involved. Hanna spotted the potential in both gentlemen and weighs their pros and cons as she goes through the song. INFJs are insightful as they see the honesty in every situation, seeing through the web of lies some individuals tend to create.

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Hannah feels there is a deeper purpose and reason behind her meeting these guys and, like the INFJ this song is, strives to identify a winner through the creative use of words. INFJs are decisive, as they plan and make a pact within themselves to see a project all the way through to the end.

4 ISFJ - Bigger Than Us

This song is like an ISFJ as they fight things which may be out of their control to support their friends and family in need. ISFJs are true helpers, using everything within their arsenal to assist those closest to their hearts. They are both hardworking and understand how even the small steps are a move in the right direction, despite the large challenge ahead they may face. ISFJs use their hard work and reliable nature to supply their family and friends with everything they need, usually in the form of emotional support. She is imaginative as she believes in something bigger than herself, a world beyond the world in which she lives. ISFJs understand this as they find inspiration in the world around them, using it to empathize with others and envision a perfect society.

3 ISFP - Ice Cream Freeze

ISFPs can relate to this catchy song in which Hannah Montana creates a dance related to ice cream. ISFPs often have careers in acting, singing, and dancing, as they use their inventive imaginations to artistically portray things that speak to the hearts and minds of others. This song speaks of Hannah's passion for the frozen delicacy as she discusses her favorite forms of it throughout the entertaining song. ISFPs are the same way as their passion for something overtakes everything else in their path, making it their main focus until they become bored and move on. ISFPs hate long-term plans, preferring instant gratification.

2 ENTJ - We Got The Party

ENTJs live for this song as its commanding nature speaks to their very souls. Hannah, along with the Jonas Brothers, is confident that they have the party with them and inspire others to join in with their charade. ENTJs have an intriguing self-confidence, but it can be misconstrued as arrogance in some situations. They also inspire others to follow them, with a charisma that makes others want to go along with their plans. ENTJs understand the song's impatience as they urge people with an energetic nature to come along or be left in the dust. This personality is intolerant and impatient, refusing to support anything that doesn't go along with their original plan of action. The song is energetic, filled with lots of dancing, like the true ENTJ that it is. ENTJs find enjoyment in leading others, gathering energy with each new follower they obtain.

1 ESTJ - Let's Go Crazy

This song is as direct as any ESTJ as she tells her fans to get crazy. ESTJs prefer to stick to the facts, being honest and straightforward about their intentions. Hannah is strong-willed, relentlessly pushing the idea of taking chances despite the opposition she faces. This personality is strong-willed, refusing to give up ground despite possible haters encroaching on their territory. ESTJs are as dedicated to their cause as Hannah Montana is, always inviting everyone to do things their way, refusing to bend the rules of the game for other individuals. This personality always sees things through, whether it may be difficult to achieve or boring they always find a way to finish it.

ESTJs are loyal to their cause, like Hannah is when she encourages her fans to keep it real by being themselves. It might require patience on their part, but they won't stray from those they strive to serve. They create order amidst a mess, like Hannah does as she establishes a place and time for people to let loose.

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