Hanna Full Trailer Shows Off Amazon's Action-Packed New Series

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Amazon has released a full trailer for the upcoming television adaptation of Hanna, offering audiences a glimpse of what lies beyond the briefly released premiere episode. That episode was part of Amazon’s post-Super Bowl entertainment plans, which made the first hour of the new series available to Prime subscribers for a 24-hour period. While it didn’t garner as much attention after the big game as, say, Netflix’s surprise delivery of The Cloverfield Paradox (a stunt the other streaming service chose not to follow up in 2019), it did show how closely the new series would stick to the original film, and in what ways it would differ. 

For anyone who missed the series premiere’s one-day window, or who simply wants to know more about Hanna before its official Prime premiere at the end of March, the new trailer will likely be enough to pique their interest. And that’s for anyone who wasn’t already on board for a television retelling Joe Wright’s 2011 thriller that will replace Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchette, and Eric Bana, with Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, and Joel Kinnaman. That’s right, this new series also functions as a The Killing reunion of sorts. 

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That reunion won’t be much of a happy one, as Enos’s Marissa and Kinnaman’s Erik are on opposing sides, with Erik having absconded into the Romanian wilderness with an infant Hanna some 15 years prior. As the trailer demonstrates very quickly, however, Erik and Marissa’s brief encounter was enough to set both of their lives on a startlingly different course. Check out the full trailer for Hanna below: 

That opening scene is very similar to the one in the original film wherein Hanna, once captured, dupes a fake Marissa into an embrace that leads to her untimely death. So far, it seems as though this re-creation of the movie’s main events will be a large part of how the television series plays out. That comes with some pluses and minuses, inasmuch as the first season might just be a re-telling of the film, with possible subsequent seasons expanding on its title character’s story. And, given that the series cast both Kinnaman and Enos, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that their characters’ stories won’t end the same way they do in the film. 

Whether or not the proves to be true remains to be seen. Perhaps Amazon will have a hit on its hands that will result in a hasty ordering of two additional seasons, as was the case with Jack Ryan. In any case, viewers have a little over a month to find out. 

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Hanna season 1 will stream on Amazon Prime Video starting on Friday, March 29.

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